Thursday, 26 March 2015

Scrap + Sitges

Last monday night I came back from a trip, eleven days in Spain, three workshops in two different cities plus some ready, steady craft in one of the more popular scrap shows in Spain, Scrap+ in Sitges.

I was invited by Esther Segura-Illa (with me on the left) who is the organiser of this event to participate in the Crea+ section. And that on the right is my creation.

The idea is ten different scrappers are given the same materials (plus they can bring other products if they want to) a frame and a word. Those words are important as they form a quote:

"Creativo no es el que imagina, sino el que hace imaginar." 
Santiago Rodriguez

It is not creative the one who imagines, but the one who makes others imagine.

I was given the word HACE, and luckly I brought some of my favourite Stix2 double sided adhesive sheets and with the help of Raquel Reyes who was demonstrating Sizzix, I could do some gold flakes letters. I also used the "me hace" banner from Marisa Bernal papers for Sra. Granger. The other banner was from Anita y su mundo, a collection of scrapbooking papers from Spain.

After myself, it was time for Alberto Juarez Diaz of Vintage Odissey fame. He is so talented! I was a bit ashamed of my quick and easy style compared to his.

Alberto is not only very talented and good looking, but also really nice and funny, really funny.

I had never been to Sitges before, it turns out that is incredible pretty! By the sea with churches alongside the promenade.

The show is right beside the sea. You see that white tent? that is where the show is held.

Everything inside it is so pretty. All the stands made a huge effort in terms of display and the show itself made all the pretty signage. When we got there it was quiet, but soon started to build up.

As with all the shows, I love that I get to see a lot of friendly faces, including Aurea. I love her stand always, and her shop Cromatismes, was the first scrap shop I visited in Spain. 

With Diana de 100x100 Manualidades where I taught two workshops the day before (more on that later!) and Esther. You know what? the show is free to enter, so perfect opportunity to get newbies in!

And with Manoli Navarro or Picatua as she is better known as.

With Raquel Reyes de Paper Trencats, also you can find her on the Sizzix Eu blog!

And also got a chance to have lunch with some top people. Elena Roche, Quim Diaz (both also members of the Sizzix European design Team) and Alberto Juarez. Love them! Not a dull moment with them!

Did I mentioned how pretty Sitges is?

Old and new, really pretty!

Oh, and there was a vintage cars show/race/exhibition/happening... not sure how to describe it but it seems that for years they do a Barcelona-Sitges event and the owners and passengers of the car are all dressed up.

Really Fabulous, don't you think?

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Taller de scrap Mini Album - 100 x 100 Manualidades en Barcelona

Ayer compartí el proyecto de la mañana, hoy toca el de la tarde:

Gran Vía Carlos III, nº 65 Tienda 1, 08028 Barcelona

21 de marzo 2015

Es un mini 4 x 4 " con estructura distinta a los anteriores, con variaciones sobre mis técnicas favoritas de troquelar. 

Es un proyecto en el que he elegido usar fotos mias, podéis usar cualquiera, pero esta bien de vez en cuando hacer un mini sobre un momento, un año particular y de como se siente uno mismo.

Espero veros allí el 21 de marzo!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Big Shot Masterclass en 100 x 100 Manualidades Barcelona

Me hace un montón de ilusión anunciar este taller:

Big Shot Masterclass
en 100 x 100 Manualidades  (Barcelona)
Gran Vía Carlos III, nº 65 Tienda 1, 08028 Barcelona

21 de marzo 2015

Sera un taller de tres horas en que elaboraremos esta pieza de Home Decor.
Cada corazón esta hecho de una manera distinta!
Contiene mas de 18 técnicas usando la Big Shot y con mas de 16 materiales distintos. 

Sera una maratón de la Big Shot! Por eso las plazas son mas limitadas de lo normal. 

Para apuntarte,  llama al 934 119 684 o manda un email:

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Taller en Lady Mua 14 de Marzo

Este es el proyecto que haremos en el Taller en Lady Mua 14 de Marzo!

Ausiàs March 15
Palma De Mallorca, Spain
+34 971 90 29 78

Es un 4 x 4" con un montón de paginas y opciones. Caben unas 33 fotos y como siempre hay muchas técnicas de troquelar usando la Big Shot.

Como siempre recomiendo traer tus propias herramientas:
  1. Base de corte
  2. Trimmer o Guillotina 
  3. Lapiz
  4. Goma
  5. Regla
  6. Plegadora
  7. Base para plegar si se tiene
  8. Pegamento cola blanca
  9. Celo de doble cara

Que ganas!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Talleres! Palma y Barcelona!

Un breve anuncio:

Ya tenemos las fechas confirmadas para mis proximos talleres en España

  • Lady MuaPalma (Mallorca)

    14 de marzo, sábado

  • Mini album (mañana) de 4" pulgadas 

  • Big Shot Masterclass (mañana) crearemos una pieza de Home decor para colgar en casa y recordar un montón de técnicas de la Big Shot.
  • Mini Album (tarde) de 4" pulgadas con nueva estructura.

Como siempre, estoy super ilusionada!
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