Thursday 29 November 2007

The Glitter Pot

Today I was teaching Quick and Contemporary cards at the Glitter Pot, and everone made 5 cards in the morning and another in the afternoon. The photos are samples of those cards using Basic Grey and Pebbles Inc papers.

Also just let you know that today starts a SALE at Craftwork Cards (one of my top favorite craft shops specialized in shaped card and pre-scored card but they do so much more) with over 500 items in the SALE area, loads of them 75% off! The sale is on till Monday 3rd December at 4pm.

Monday 26 November 2007

A fabulous day in

Yesterday, I had a great time with Julie Hickey, just crafting (very little myself and chatting) all day long with a little break playing with new iMac.

Since the Christmas Cards that I posted recently were quite popular I am posting some more from last year.

Also I wanted to share this Youtube video that Leonie posted in my Facebook page (thanks Leonie). It is just like Wasabi in the morinings with the exception that Wasabi doesn't meow.

Congratulations Leonie on your book! A fantastic insight into ATCs.

Sunday 25 November 2007

Christmas Cards

You know, with Christmas cards I have a love affair, and as such it is a difficult relationship with ups and downs. I have to start designing them long before the hot months of the year are over. Then, soon after, teaching them and finnally it is time for me to make the ones I need to send. the thing is that when I find myself at the end of November, nothing to be sent has been done and I am all Christmas cards tired. So, for now I am just posting some cards I made for articles, clases and that I sent last year.
By the way, I did sent twice as many as I received, although that is not a real complaint, because all the people that matter to me did sent me one.

As you can see, I had a theme about Red and White, and some other with silver and black as well, all of which are my favorite colours to dress, decorate and craft!

Also, yesterday we bought ourselves a big addition to our media family: a 24" iMac which, loaded with my favorite programs, it is just a treat to do design work with. I have never been but a Mac girl!
As a sample of some of the playful and cool stuff that the Photobooth does...

Saturday 24 November 2007


Lately, I find myself scraping less and less for fun. Still, I love it, and find it really useful, however I seem to have lost my scrap motivation at least for layouts, though cards and mini albums keep coming out of my head and my hands.
This one shows how little journalling -non existing- or relation between photo and the artwork I use lately.
Mix and match of products as usual. Background by Creative Imaginations, Patterned paper by BG, Letters by Heidi Swapp, Stamp by Melissa Frances and flower by Prima.
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Friday 23 November 2007

Quick Cards

This month (I think, maybe it was last month) in Quick Cards Made Easy I have an article on 10 different ways with aperture with punches. In each of them I made a different way of decorating and how to incorporate. For instructions... get the magazine!
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Thursday 22 November 2007

Craftwork Cards

I can share good news with you all. I have designed some stuff -shapes and messages- for Craftwork Cards that should be out quite soon. As soon as I get them and they are available to buy I'll let you know.
This is my first time designing stuff for crafting, so as you can imagine I am beyond thrilled!
By the way, the card above was part of the Recipe Cards that I did for that company, using the scalloped chipboard card and flowers and their All Sorts papers which are black and White a favorite of mine!
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Wednesday 21 November 2007

QVC and Stampin UP

Yep, quite a combo. As I always mentioned how tired I am, I am not going to say it today. But you can imagine the effects of spending over 12 hours at QVC.
If you watched the 20:00 hour, you just might had catch me completely off guard and hiding afterwards under the table. Not that I am shy or anything like that, just really not prepared. Working alongside Dawn and Leonie is such a good experience, I always learn something new from both of them and my admiration towards both of them just keeps growing. It is quite simple, really: they know what they are doing, and trust me working as they do is NOT easy at all. It is just not about making beautiful cards, it is about being able to create cards in a few minutes, changing constantly techniques and/or styles. Plus, Dawn has to arrange so much in the business side that it is just unbelievable. Also, Leonie and I chatted about a great, great idea combining two beautiful things that we would like to do in the near future, but I can't say more now.

In other news, I just sent the application to become a Stampin Up demonstrator. I am hoping to be an active one, but not sure how it will work out. If you would be interested in attending or hosting Stampin Up parties, over the web or in real life, let me know! Email me to the address that appears on the profile section of this blog.

And last but not least, some good news on another front, Craftwork Cards. More on that later on.
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Monday 19 November 2007

Edited to say:

When I said that my collection looked amazing, I meant the ATC's from other people, the ones I have got through swapps and not the ones I made.
I hope you got what I meant!


Love them, love the concept, love the swapp. Here you can see some of the ones I made for Portugal. I made 100 ATCs, I have some left, not many, which means that I swapp about 75!!!!! My collection looks amazing there are so many wonderful artpieces, so if any of you would like to trade, send me an email.
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Sunday 18 November 2007

Back in the UK

Didn't do much in Paris. But enjoy myself of long siestas and hot chocolate at either Laduree or Angelina, both really good but I prefer the hot chocolate of the alter one. Most British/Americans may get disappointed by the drink: it is thick and bitter, but that is how it should be! After all it is the Spanish way, and who else but the Spanish brought in chocolate from the recently discovered America and made it into a fashionable drink in Europe? Upps, I am no historian, maybe I am not quite right, but I think I am and not in the mood for light research on the matter.
Yesterday I demonstrated ATC's at The Art of Craft. Tuesday, I am back at QVC helping Dawn and company with the TSV. Loads of hard work but really excited to see them all again so soon after Portugal.

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Back and away, yet again

Last week was a fantastic succession of crafting, fun and exhausting actitvities that have left me seriously tired. And since my dear hubby was away this week on business I decided to join him for a few days here, in Paris. Really, no time to unpack, just to remove certain items and put something else instead.
Weather right now: cold and rainy, very different from the warn and sunny days we have enjoyed at the Algarve.
I have met so many nice crafters and tutors, and heard so many nice stories, I may have to share some with you all.
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