Sunday 18 November 2007

Back in the UK

Didn't do much in Paris. But enjoy myself of long siestas and hot chocolate at either Laduree or Angelina, both really good but I prefer the hot chocolate of the alter one. Most British/Americans may get disappointed by the drink: it is thick and bitter, but that is how it should be! After all it is the Spanish way, and who else but the Spanish brought in chocolate from the recently discovered America and made it into a fashionable drink in Europe? Upps, I am no historian, maybe I am not quite right, but I think I am and not in the mood for light research on the matter.
Yesterday I demonstrated ATC's at The Art of Craft. Tuesday, I am back at QVC helping Dawn and company with the TSV. Loads of hard work but really excited to see them all again so soon after Portugal.

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