Wednesday 31 March 2010


I had to do quite a few cards for Stitches -the craft trade show- last February, so I have still a few more to share.
This one features Basic Grey Origins Card Making set. Honestly, it was the second time I have ever used one of this sets, and they are worth every penny. You get a bit of everything and if you use your creativity you can make many many more cards than the ones they tell you.

By the way, tomorrow I will start introducing the latest release of the stamps sets that I have designed for Personal Impressions, with instructions and some tutorials.

It has been a few very busy days lately, and things seem to stay this way for a little bit longer. I must admit I like being busy although I do often get stressed out. Monday's show on QVC was fun, although it was a quiet day as it wasn't the regular Tuesday show. I really enjoyed working with Charlie even though he is one of the tallest if not the tallest presenter and I am provably one of the shorter guests. But he is really great to work alongside.

EDITED TO SAY: I wont do the posts about the new stamps sets till the 12th which is when they should start to be available in shops across the country.

Tuesday 30 March 2010

More gap cards

Oh, yes! Gap cards are back in da blog! I love them. They are so easy to do and you are assured the wow factor with them. This one card was the original idea for a Make and Take for Charity that I run for Sue -Craftwork Cards- in honor of Breast Cancer.

At the end, I made about six or seven versions of this card using always as a base the elegant rectangles in matching colors. The patterned papers are also from craftwork Cards and they are part of Glitz and Glamour pack. The flowers are ready die cut, so they are quite sturdy, much more that if they had been punched.

Excuse the horrendous quality of the photos, as they were taken with my mobile phone, but it was one of those occasions when I did not have time to look for the real cameras.

Monday 29 March 2010

Metal & Alcohol Inks

As I have said before, I do like my alcohol inks, but the truth is that I don't use them enough even though I don't really know why. But I used them for this metal card.
I started by embossing the metal sheet using a new Cuttlebug folder and then used several brown alcohol inks. I reworked the centers of the concentric circles with darker inks.
To finished the look for a man card I added the sentiment and embellishments over the edge, as I like to do.
All the stickers and extras are from Basic Grey Capella collection.

- Today I will be on air at QVC at 13:00, you can watch on the internet here.

Sunday 28 March 2010

If you fancy...

... a bit of this

(Look! I stand up!)
or a bit of this...

Tune in tomorrow, Monday the 29th of March, at 13:00 on QVC. This are only two samples of one kit that I will be showing you.

By the way, it looks like my issues with blogger have been resolved. So from now on this will be my blog. The address is Thank you for your patience!

Saturday 27 March 2010

Just because

Both of them are really sweet, specially when they are sleeping.

Basic Grey Max & Whiskers papers and stickers.

Friday 26 March 2010

Inspired by colours

Well, I really get in to mood colours and for days, weeks even months I will have a favourite colour scheme that pops in all the time in my cards. Like this soft turquoise green that lately has appeared so often lately, partly due to this lovely paper by Prima -which is double sided and I am using the back side sort to speak.
The foiled elements are die cuts from the Craftwork Cards Glitz & Glamour range.

Thursday 25 March 2010

More Shadow Monograms

Another example of Shadow monograms. This time using the K and the flower/asterisk- stamped using Memento ink, Pear Tart- from the Shadow set, and the sentiment from the Double Sayings set using Versafine black ink.

PS: The stamp release date has been pushed back to mid April.

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Punches, punches, punches...

While I was in Harrogate loads of people came to me regarding the punches that work with my latest sets of stamps. I have been told that the punches are being very hard to get hold of.
Well, here there is an update:

1 3/8" Circle Punch EkSuccess - works great with All Year Round and Circle Tags. At the minute the best way to get it is through Stampin Up demonstrators. If you don't know anyone let me know as I have a couple of friends who are demonstrators and I believe they can put an order no matter where you live in the UK.

1 1/2" Scalloped Woodware Punch - works great with All Year Round and Circle Tags stamps as well as with the InCircles foiled die cut messages from Craftwork Cards. Because it is a rather new product, only a few weeks in this country, many shops haven't got it yet. But it is coming. As soon as a friendly shop stocks it I will let you all know.

Glitz & Glamour

That's right, Glitz & Glamour. Actually it is a range by Craftwork Cards that I have combined here with some of the latest releases from Prima. I am still tired from the weekend, I don't do very well getting up at 6:30 two days in a row!
Harrogate's papercraft show was a blast, even with the early mornings. The size of the show is great not too big but every single stall being pertinent to the world of papercraft. I was in charge of make and takes for charity. Craftwork Cards donated loads of product for crafters of all ages to make a card -or two- after a donation to Breast Cancer.
In other news, we had to cancel the workshops this weekend at Dawn Bibby's shop. I do apologize for this cancellation, and I really hope to be able to be able to reschedule them as soon as possible.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Shadow Monograms

This card features several of my latest stamps for Personal Impressions. The one that I would like to draw your attention to is the Shadow Monogram, which actually are two different sets as the whole thing didn't fit in one sheet.

Basically the idea behind this sets is that you stamp them with a lighter or softer color and then on the from you stamp the greeting form the Mix and Match set or the Double sayings as it coordinates. Design wise makes sense, because we like to personalize our cards as much as possible, and with this sets the possibilities are endless.

I will make a post with the tutorial later on.

Monday 22 March 2010

For the last ten days I have been battling out blogger issues. They are still not solved but I am hoping that with Omar's help I will be able to get back to normality. One thing is for sure, me and websites do not mix very well.

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Blog and Blogger

Not that I am trying to be clever with the title or anything, but this Blogger thing is for the first time riving me mad. The key is that I am not that interested in computers. I use them daily, and enjoy working with them as long it is not very technical, but when it gets past some point, they drive me nuts.

Sunday 14 March 2010

Disappearing Blog

I am still not quite sure why, but my blog disappeared for 24hrs. Well, one of those things!
Hopefully wont happen again.

Thursday 11 March 2010

Competitions, Shows and Make and Takes

Well, as I was sick, when I was talking about the Oscars the other I forgot to mention the competition that Craftwork Cards is running a comeptition to win an Card Oscar. For more info click here.

By the way, the weekend of the 20th and 21st of March is Great Northen Papercrafts Extravaganza, which will be my first time there and I will be doing some inspiring Make and Takes, so if you are a Northerner reader, please come along to say Hello.

And because I haven't posted any card in the last couple of days, here is one using a combination of products: Prima papers and Glitz and Glamour collection, all products available from Craftwork Cards.

Wednesday 10 March 2010

Watching QVC

Well, being sick means that I don't feel bad about watching Qvc on my
laptop -omar's actually. Dawn is such a pro even though both amy and I
could not be there working behind the scenes so of the regulars, only
caroline was there. Thank goodness that reece, an old friend of dawns,
was able to be there too.
As for myself, well I am still sick in bed. A bit better every day.

Tuesday 9 March 2010

So I know very few of my readers know Spanish, and even less Catalan, but I have to share this link. I am so proud of my father, Angel Pascual Rodrigo, deciding to step up as a "President" -like a chairman in English- of the Balearic Islands Artist Association. Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands has a huge artistic community so to be chairman of the Association is a big, big deal.
To be honest, for me is hard to think of any more suited for a role like that. Not only he is a great artist and has been a professional for the last 40 years -his art was the only income that came in as my mum is a housewife and he put both my sister and I through University!-, but he is also a true intellectual and a great all rounded person.


Because of me being sick and all, I won't be able to help dawn at Qvc
today for her tsv. Typical of ke to get sick when I should be working
and earning some money! The worts thing is that as it is Dawn's own
tsv, I am feeling that I am letting her down by not being there. I am
sure though that she will manage as she always does!

Off to sleep right now!

Monday 8 March 2010

Of being sick and Oscars night

I really hate having a cold. I imagine that is not that rare to do so. However, when the time comes, usually once a year, of being sick and tired of being in bed all day I realize how lucky I am to work from home. I can do all urgent work, albeit a bit less intense, and still rest enough.
Now I am on my fifth day of being sick, and I don't like it.
The card above was done in celebration of Oscars months for an article in Cardmaking and Papercraft that featured ideas for this past month. I used Movies Stars stamp from Stampington and for the message I used one of my mixed sentiments. Although I made it a few months ago, it would have been perfect for someone to send it to me today, as I have been thinking about Movie Stars and needed the cheering up.
Yesterday was Oscars night. Did you watch it? I still remember the only two time that I got to watch the whole thing. I forgot when it was except that I know it was in the UK and in the old house, so probably 2003 and 2004. I remember I was so excited to finally see it live, yet I do not remember who won for which movie, not even actors and actresses.
I guess I have grown out of that phase and don't care anymore about movie stars giving thanks to people I have never heard of and making silly crying speeches.
However, I still enjoy the Red Carpet arrivals as it showcases fashion and fab jewels. It is the only time -well at the Oscars and the rest of the Awards season- that we get to see amazing gowns and epic fashion and taste fails. I find Fashion really inspiring for my papercraft work, it is all about design concept, shape, colour and execution. Pretty much the same as in paper crafting.

Hits: Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta, Helen Mirren, Kristen Stewart. Special Mention Gabourey Sidibe, big girls can glam up with the right shape and colour, JLo -one has to be very brave to wear that dress.
Near Hits: Anna Kendrick -perfect dress, bad colour for her-, Elizabeth Banks -perfect colour, not so good design-, Kate Wisnlet -perfect bottom half of the dress, top although beautiful not very flattering -, Miley Cirus -perfect bottom half of the dress very, very poor top half.
Epic Fails: Diane Kruger -Chanel!!?, Charlize Theron -Dior!!?

PS: Thanks for the comments. I do appreciate them very much. I specially like the ones that link to your own blogs, because then it creates a kind of community and I get to know you too.
And also, I welcome comments that can improve my work or the contents of this blog.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Alcohol Inks

I do love my alcohol inks. Sure I don't use them enough, and even less feature them here, but I do love them. But as much as I do, Omar loves them even more. Last Sunday, we had loads of chores to do but by the evening we finished them and I decided to do some crafting together. So, I took two glass bottles and each decorated one with alcohol inks.

This is Omar's. Trust me, mine wasn't as good. Unfortunately, Omar did a much better job than me. He even gave me tips on how to achieve a better result! My crafting pride was on the floor.

Next project: his helmut. Or so he keeps saying.

Saturday 6 March 2010

Mini Albums and Comments

This a 6" x 6" mini album that I made for Stitches using some papers from Origins, Basic Grey.

As Omar looooooves green so as soon as I had the idea of making a Origins mini album I decided making one with my favorite photos of him.

I only wrote a few lines because it was my intention to write quite a lot of stuff that I did not want to display for anyone to see.

This is the back of the book much less decorated, but still has got plenty of decorative elements. The journaling spots are from the Origins Writers Block set, as well as Pieces and Take Note, the very large one featured bellow.

I know this blog has got readers, quite a few actually according to the only measuring method I trust Google Analytics. Yet, I get very few comments. Maybe is my fault because I am not inviting enough, but please, leave comments!!!

Friday 5 March 2010

All Year Round Punch Tutorial

Just a quick one today showing how the images fit in the circle punches.

1 3/8" circle punch by EkSuccess.

1 1/2" circle punch by EkSuccess. Woodware does make the same sized punch which looks like the one below but obviously straight edge.

1 1/2" scalloped circle punch by Woodware. Although Marvy has manufactured the scallop 1 1/2" one in America, in the UK was almost impossible to get it until now. (Note to retailers: do stock it, is a brilliant size, perfect for the InCircles as well as for so many different stamps.)

Thursday 4 March 2010

All Year Round Tutorial

The reason I went into designing clear stamps was because I was tired of never finding wording stamps that featured a whole set of messages that were all small and without any restrictions of style.

All Year Round features the following images:

As any clear stamps are to be used with an acrylic block - simply peel the stamp away from the plastic backing sheet and mount onto an acrylic block. After use, replace the stamps on to the plastic sheet for storage purposes and clean with soap and water. When they come to you the clear stamps come between two clear sheets of acetate plus an extra one that has the printed images of the stamps, so the first thing I did is to transfer all the stamps into the printed acetate, it is easier to find the right message and also check if one is missing.

So now that tutorial:

First, stamp the circle message onto the white card. I used Spanish Moss Versafine ink.

Select the event and ink it up.

Stamp it inside the previous stamped image using a darker ink or just the same. This is the beauty of the clear stamps and of this set. You can customize your sentiment with different messages and different colours.

If you are using pigment inks which work better with clear stamps, let them dry for a few seconds before punching out.

Punch out using a 1 3/8" punch. Highly recomend EKSuccess punches.

The finished stamped image.

And finally incorporated into a card.

At the minute there is a wait list only option at QVC, and these sets wont arrive to the shops till the end of March. So, if you got it now, you are lucky!

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Stitches Report

I realize, a week later, that I have post very little about Stitches, the Trade show. Truth be told, I was so exhausted and so many things happened in the last week that I did not have the energy to do so. So here it goes my brief recap.

This was the fifth edition of the Craft trade Show that I was demonstrating at the Kars booth.
Saturday morning, left my house, drove to the NEC. Traffic was bad, took about half an hour longer than expected. Got there and parked quite close to the hall (Yipee!, last year was an absolute nightmare). As soon as I got there I got to hang out with Vanessa and Cindy, lovely and talented fellow demonstrators who have been working for Kars for a while now. I use here the term hang out loosely. We were working very hard in order to display our samples, which had taken hours and hours and more hours to complete.

By the time we got to the hotel, we were beyond tired so we -we as in Cindy, Vanessa and I- decided to do room service in my room. Apart from the fact that they both got baked Camembert and left the room stinking of cheese, it was a great low key relaxing dinner. There are a couple of photos of that dinner but I better do not publish them otherwise my life may be in danger.

Sunday, we were up early -for my standards really, really early- and we were ready to demonstrate at 9 am. A bit early if you ask me! You can see Cindy Rapson demonstrating a perfect ironing technique, just kidding. I know she was showing the Slice and how it works with fabric and other interesting stuff that I missed because I was on the other side of the booth.

Above there is a blank photo. I know, not very descriptive, but Vanessa Noonan forbid me to publish any of her, she demonstrated the Pink Cricut and the new releases. Also missing there is a photo of the lovely Suzie Candlin, who joined the Kars team of demonstrators for this Stitches, Suzie demonstrated jewelry.

Sunday night we went for dinner with the whole team. It was fun, a bit loud and I went to sleep a bit late. So next morning I was pretty tired, but Mondays are always my favourite day of Stitches, we are still very busy but not as frantic as Sundays and not as quiet as Tuesdays. Also we are in full demonstrating swing.

This year also marked the first time that I had some of my stamps designed exhibited. Yes, I design stamps, haven't you heard? Jokes aside, it felt pretty good to pass by and see the boards with my designs up there (top board extreme left, second board extreme right).

Very talented friends from all over the country were there, some of which I only see them at Stiches, and also some big names from the crafting world from America, Tim Holtz, Shari Carroll and the wonderful amazing and entertaining Suze Weinberg.

Of course, no Stitches would be what it is all about without masses of eye candy. Craft Eye Candy that is, because of the other kind there is very little. (Mind you, we had some in our stand.)

After the show closed on Monday I had to drive home as the next day I was on air on QVC for Craft Day. Because I also offered a lift to someone and I showed him a bit around London, I got home really late. The next morning, Tuesday, is a whole different story.

Tuesday 2 March 2010


I will let you on a top tip of demonstrators and designers. When we are sent some stash in order to produce samples for any occasion we often get a pack of chipboard alphabet stickers and little else to put a message. As you know, stickers are one use only, so once you use them that is it, and many times this chipboard stickers are originally designed for layouts, ie they are larger than you would expect from a cardmaking point of view.

So, I use a lot of HI and Hello in my cards for samples. They are easy enough to use, and no matter how large the letters are, they always fit even in the smallest card. (This is one of the main reasons why I designed my stamps, so I can use them in this type of occasion, however it is not always allowed.)

By the way, the card featured above is made out of the Origins Cardmaking Kit by Basic Grey, that comes with the chipboard stickers.

Monday 1 March 2010

Design Comfort

So if yesterday I talked about the comfort zone designing cards todays post is related to scrapbooking. I am the same designer wether I am cardmaking or scrapbooking, the same techniques, the same designs I like for one I like for the other. So it when it comes to design a page when I have absolutely no creativity, which incidentally happens pretty often, I opt for the horizontal line.
That is not to say that I just repeat ad infinitum the sketch. Every time I try to incorporate something different, but the lesson for me is that I rather have three pages that have a similar design foundation, than just one. Time and creative efficiency.
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