Monday 1 March 2010

Design Comfort

So if yesterday I talked about the comfort zone designing cards todays post is related to scrapbooking. I am the same designer wether I am cardmaking or scrapbooking, the same techniques, the same designs I like for one I like for the other. So it when it comes to design a page when I have absolutely no creativity, which incidentally happens pretty often, I opt for the horizontal line.
That is not to say that I just repeat ad infinitum the sketch. Every time I try to incorporate something different, but the lesson for me is that I rather have three pages that have a similar design foundation, than just one. Time and creative efficiency.


jayne said...

Hiya Paula
I met you at NEC Monday and thought i'ld come and check out your blog xxxx
Beautiful work , beautiful blog xxxx
please come over and share some of your lovely work on our blog I'm sure the fiskarettes would love to see.

Your Touch of Craft said...

I LOVE this Layout... it is beautiful.... and the pics are amazing as well.... xx

Margaret said...

Paula, this is beautiful ....interesting to see what you do

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