Thursday 31 March 2011

Super excited!

Look what I just received in the mail. It is my latest release of stamps, yes only three due due simply to the fact that i was rather busy with different sort of stuff when I had to design them. But do not worry, I have lately been working on a few more sets! 

They will soon - over the next couple of days - arrive to craft shops around the country.

Off to play with Journaling Spots, Punchable Labels and Punchable Tags

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Products I am loving right now

Honestly, I did not expect to love them so much. But I do. they are part of my essential tools now, so easy, quick to add colour to chipboard, card... You can find them here.

Movers and shapers. They are a great addition to the Bigz family. Butterflies and Hearts alike. Hopefully i will take some photos of the tags i did recently to share here.

In other news, we are having our bathroom renovated. I am a bit stressed out and so is Wasabi, but it seems that he seeks comfort by sitting and sleeping on my lap. I can't complain then.

Sunday 20 March 2011


Today I would like to share with you PaperMood. My good friend Fabrizio runs it and I think is a brilliant idea as is the perfect place for looking out for cards and forthcoming new products from different communities.
Plus, it's a perfect site for crafters on the go as it's designed for mobile devices. 

Thursday 17 March 2011


This is the non Christmas version that I did of this seasonal card that you can find here. Obviously the original one was mounted on to red card and it was large. But the important thing I like to share is to be able to look back at Christmas cards and get inspiration from them. With a little change of colors, you have a bright spring card. All the stamps are from the Filled with Flowers set.

Also, for those who like walks in the country side I would like to recommend my friend Deborah tours at Great Oaks Walks. They organize walking tours around Kent. I am not really into walking around nature (unfortunately, I prefer cities) so I haven't tried them myself, but knowing Deborah and her husband, I know all the walks will be great.

Tuesday 15 March 2011


I am, like I imagine all of you, extremely sad about what has and is happening in Japan. Pretty much all hope that the nuclear situation would be solved seems to have disappeared. So, to the destruction of nature, it is now added a man made destruction. However, if I learnt something from Japan when i went there -in 2004 is that they love beauty and are committed to continuing life even among the hardest of hardships. With all my love and prayers.

Friday 11 March 2011

Simple Flowers

As a huge lover of all things from Japan and Japan itself, I just want to say that my heart aches so much for all the people in that beautiful country. I hope and pray that they will will find strength to survive and rebuild what nature has destroy. It also comes to show how small we are and what we built is completely at the mercy of nature.

A very dark card, or is it the photo? I think probably is both. Anyway, it is what I call a refurbished card which is a base card that I made a few years ago but revamp it recently to add more elements that are recent and/or new. 

And this is the inside. I used the Simple Flowers set, both the sentiments and the flowers belong to that set.

I am sill trying to balancing all aspects of my professional life. Yesterday, I spent some of my day redoing Dawn Bibby's blog, I hope you will like it too. Also, lately I have been doing a simple website for my photography. I am finishing the details today and I will be able to share it tomorrow.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Quick and easy?

This card is made out of elements that I made in several demos. So one day i sit down and made cards using bits and pieces. I rather like it as it was quick and easy to put together although the elements in themselves took rather longer to make.
I used Simple flowers as the stamp set for the main motif and the sentiment.

Saturday 5 March 2011

Selling off stamps

Since January I have been cleaning up my studio. Not really cleaning as in removing dust and passing the vacuum cleaner, I have been doing that since day one.
I mean like clearing up the studio, going almost drawer by drawer revising what I had that was unlikely that would ever use again. Unsurprisingly, I had loads of stuff to give away. So I offered the stuff that I thought my friends would like to them and also some people who do cards for charity.
I was still left with a lot stamping up and other stamps that decided to try to eBay them. So if you fancy having a look click here to see one of them and then click on see more from this seller to see the whole range of stamps. I still have at least another batch of sets to put up next week, so I will keep you posted.

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Thursday 3 March 2011

Coming out later this month

My new stamps sets.

They are all punchable!

This one bellow is my favourite! 

Click here to go to the Personal Impressions page where you can find all my designs as well as some info on when they will be available.
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