Thursday 25 June 2015

My Paper and Cardstock Crafty Storage

I haven't shared one of my Crafty Storage or craft storage ideas for a while. You know I love it, but sometimes I just don't find the energy or time to actually take photos and post about it.

Today i wanted to share a bit in more detail how I store my 12" paper and card, just the 12 x 12" because I keep my A4 and 6x6 in other units.

I got this unit from Ikea of course. It is not an Expedit or Kallax, but the cubes are almost identical to those and has since long been discontinued. It has four columns and five rows, so it makes 20 cubes and as always, I could do with some more!

Here more or less you can see what I have in each cube. (The bottom left cube I have props too.) 

As you can see i prefer to store my paper and card vertically just because it is the most space efficient way. It is NOT the best way to store paper or card as if it is not relatively full the paper bend (see cube above adhesives, bottom left corner). However, I do have s much paper and card that most of it is so full that it doesn't bend. And when looking for the perfect shade of a colour or the right pattern it is so much easier to do when it is stored vertical than horizontal.

For the patterned paper I have been using MUJI's suspension box folder, but they need to be pretty full otherwise the paper will bend.

As you can see I have a few horizontal plastic trays. They are good, but they are not efficient if you have loads of paper/card. The lip makes it impossible to store a lot of product because then it is hard to get it out. Also, it can only go horizontal.

But the unit in the middle, made in Spain by Manresa Scrap is my new addition and I love it!
As you can see fits nicely inside the cube and will fit perfectly in the Expedit or Kallax units too.

It can also stand alone.

What I love most about this unit is that it can go both vertical or horizontal depending how much paper/card you have.

Also I love that the trays in between act as a drawer both when horizontal or vertical. I can't tell you how much of a difference makes when you are browsing for that perfect shade of that colour.
Really well done Manresa Scrap!

I would say that horizontal is the better way to store card and paper if you haven't got much, but vertical is the way to go if you have a lot of different ones!

So, my recommendation is to go for a system that allows you to grow, ie that can go both vertically and horizontally.

Monday 22 June 2015

New blog post for Sizzix!

Today I share a card made with the latest collection of Craft Asylum for Sizzix, Tribal, in the line of the last layout I made.
Click here or in the photo to see the full card!

Friday 12 June 2015

Another quick video: release foam for dies

Here is my latest quick video with some top tips for your die cutting! 

After filming this video I found out that stix2 doesn't do it anymore. Alternatively, you could use the Self adhesive A4 Foam Sheets as I think it is 2mm thick as well.

The die I am using in the demo is the Sizzix Bigz Die w/Texture Fades - Layered Snowflake and the Butterfly is from the 2013 Big Shot Starter Kit.

(PS: still so much to learn about videos!)

Thursday 4 June 2015

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