Tuesday 29 April 2014

Mas detalles talleres Creativa Barcelona

Aquí tenéis mas detalles de los talleres que voy a dar en Creativa Barcelona.

Tres talleres:
Jueves, 8 de mayo: Mañana 11am, Tarde 15:30pm.
Viernes, 9 de mayo: Mañana 10:30am.

Es un mini album diseñado con un montón de técnicas de troquelado y de texturas usando la Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit y algunos troqueles mas. 
Como teaser esta foto del interior. 

Aparte de los talleres, estaré también en el crop de la tarde del viernes y en la mesa redonda del sábado. Tengo unas ganas!

Saturday 26 April 2014

Chocolate Quente 2014! Part 3 of 3

And on the last day in Portugal, Patricia Villa Boas (the organiser of Chocolate Quente the scrap event I taught at) took me to Guimaraes. A very pretty town with loads of charms including delicious food and old handicrafts.

We were lucky to have a beautiful day. Sun shining and warm temperatures, perfect for lunch al fresco in one of Guimaraes squares.

I loved the cobbled streets. 

And sweet streets and signs. Clever discreet advertising of the local surgery on the left photo.

Have I mentioned I love Portuguese food? Very similar to Spanish, equally as good or even better!

It also has a castle, and a palace...

I miss already Portugal...

PS: I thought I would share some of the goodies I brought back with me. Loads of Teresa Collins products. Her lines carry some of the best embellishments!

And two handmade presents. On the right a present from one of the ladies that attended the workshops at Chocolate Quente. On the right, a little pressie typical of Portugal.

This trip was very special and once again made me realise how fortunate I am to do the job I do. To everyone who comes to my workshops, buys my dies and stamps, who visits this blog... I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make all this possible and give me so much, I really hope that I inspire you to keep crafting!

Friday 25 April 2014

Talleres Scrapbooking en Creativa Barcelona - Mini Album

Ya puedo anunciar que dare en Creativa Barcelona el 8 y 9 de mayo tres talleres - el mismo proyecto, un mini album lleno de técnicas avanzadas de scrap usando la Big Shot de Sizzix.

Que ilusión!

Mas información aquí... aunque hay mas detalles a concretar.

I can anounce now that I will be teaching three workshops on the Creativa show in Barcelona (La Farga Hospitalet) the 8th and 9th of May, using the Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit!

More info here.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Chocolate Quente 2014! Part 2 of 3

I was invited to stay a couple more days in Porto. Usually as soon as we finish this events we are off to the airport but I was given the opportunity to visit properly Porto.

The blue and white tiles, the cafes, the shops, the food... I loved it all!

El Bolhao Market is a proper market. From literally live stock (on the right) to flowers, bread, carpets and more.

It is not only Spanish people who like to have a siesta - can you spot the bakery lady? - or leave a candle to the Virgin Mary.

I loved the streets of Porto. Small and narrow, large and imperial...

Squares, churches beautiful buildings, including the Imperal McDonald's!

Porto is just beautiful and charming.

The we went to 512 ideas, Patricia's shop.

 It is full of loveliness.

From embellishments to fabric to everything!

But the reason why we went there is that unbeknown to me, Patricia had organised a surprise patchwork workshop. You see mondays its their patchwork workshop, but as the Chocolate Quente event was  the day before it had been canceled. Then I said over the two days that I wanted to learn how sew this year, and Patricia organised the surprised workshop for me and the regulars.
It almost made me cry of joy! How thoughtful! And on the right you can see the bag I made, well we - as in Patricia and I - made because I could have never made it on my own.
After we went for dinner with the patchwork girls.  I adore portuguese crafters!

(Part 3 and last of the trip coming soon...)

Saturday 19 April 2014

Another 2nd birthday card

This one for my nephew Laith. Yes, he is too just days a part from my niece/goddaughter!
Basic Grey papers (Bow ties), the sentiment is part of my Punchable Labels clear stamp set and the number is die cut using Sassy Serifs Bigz dies from Sizzix.

Otra postal de segundo cumpleaños, esta para mi sobrino Laith. Se llevan tan solo unos días con my ahijada. Los papeles son de Basic Grey papers (Bow ties), el mensaje es parte de Punchable Labels y el 2 lo he cortado usando los troqueles Sassy Serifs Bigz dies de Sizzix.

Thursday 17 April 2014

Chocolate Quente 2014! Part 1 of 3

I finally get round to edit the 500+ photos I took from my trip to Porto - Portugal - to teach at Chocolate Quente, one of the best scrapbooking events in Europe. It is organised by the fabulous Patricia Villa-Boas. I was one of the tutors among the fabulous Teresa Collins, Beth Kingston, Jeff Filimoehala from Graphic 45 , and Patricia Villa-Boas herself. To be honest, I felt a bit out of place alongside those great talents! 

I arrived late the friday afternoon, greeted by a non-portuguese type of weather, but I still fell in love immediately with the beautiful city of Porto. We visited churches and the Palacio da Bolsa.

Spending time with Teresa, Beth, Jeff and Joao Pedro (Patricias husband) was fabulous and the hot chocolate was amazing!

The next morning we started the workshops. On the left you can see the project I taught using Basic Grey Indian Market papers and stickers.

The last class of the first day. Almost all spanish ladies! I loved all five groups they were all fantastic!

There was some shopping to be done...

Including Sizzix dies...

And I stole a few minutes from Manoli Picatua - a fellow paper crafter tutor from Spain - to captured this photos.

As I did with Nuno Raposeiro and Toñy Hernandez. I love happy faces!

Filipe, Patricia's son, took this photo of me while I was taking the photos. Yes, I was that happy!

And the official photos of the five tutors!

This says it all!

More posts to follow...

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Sizzix free papers and projects

One of the loveliest, coolest and most talented paper craft designers has made some gorgeous Easter projects. Perfect for last minute cards and present.
What it's very cool is that you can download free papers as well. 

Uno de los maestros de las manualidades del papel, Pete Hughes (que es uno de los chicos más majos y con más talento de la industria), ha creado unos proyectos de Pascua para Sizzix. 

Sunday 13 April 2014

Talleres de scrap y mini albums en España en Junio

Ya tengo fechas confirmadas de talleres en España en junio. 

  • Y puede que algo mas también... en Zaragoza, la ciudad que me vió nacer!!!

Mas detalles por venir, pero claro... troqueles, scrap y mini albums...

 Que ganas tengo!

Thursday 10 April 2014

Crafty Storage Upcycle: patterned paper scraps

I talked the other day on the Sizzix EU blog about how much I like to upcycle things, or how little I enjoy throwing things away. Well, today I am sharing a quick and easy upcycle to store patterned paper scraps.

This one started as I had a couple of cardboard magazine holders that I had to use or space for. Because of that I decided to create a shape that would allow me to store something. I really didn't know what at the time. I cut the the top part to create an symmetrical rectangular shape.

The excess, I did not throw away of course, kept them for another project, not sure which one.

After a few weeks I thought this box would be perfect to store my scrap pieces of patterned paper for die cutting. You see, I love patterned paper that has the tiniest of patterned that is tone on tone, but as I tend to use the same colours over and over I like to keep even the smallest piece and keep it at arms length. Literally. As colour is really important for me, I classify the pattern by colour rather by pattern or manufacturer.
To create the colour dividers I just trimmed a few pieces of cardstock of different colours.

To create the tabs, I used a punch from Stampin Up, but you could use really anything. I cut out of every piece of card. Then I stapled them to each sheet so that they are really secured.

The great thing about this system is that I can always add more tabs for mid colours (can you spot the turquoise) for those that I use time and time again. And on the left you can see how stays on my table. Doesn't take much space at all and it is at arms length.

Simple and easy, but useful!

Wednesday 9 April 2014

1 marca + 3 tarjetas - El mejor reto del mundo

Este es uno de los primeros retos que hago, desde luego es el primero que viene de España y lo hago de todo corazón porque es un reto muy bonito. Es El Mejor Reto del Mundo.

El reto consiste en hacer marcas de libros y tarjetas para los niños hospitalizados en Sant Joan De Déu y esta organizado por 3Flowers - retos de tarjetas.

He utilizado productos de Sizzix que tenia desde hace tiempo y los mensajes los he creado con el ordenador.

Como siempre, descubro las cosas tarde, pero aun estoy a tiempo (creo!). 
Espero que lleguen a tiempo y les gusten!

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