Thursday 24 April 2014

Chocolate Quente 2014! Part 2 of 3

I was invited to stay a couple more days in Porto. Usually as soon as we finish this events we are off to the airport but I was given the opportunity to visit properly Porto.

The blue and white tiles, the cafes, the shops, the food... I loved it all!

El Bolhao Market is a proper market. From literally live stock (on the right) to flowers, bread, carpets and more.

It is not only Spanish people who like to have a siesta - can you spot the bakery lady? - or leave a candle to the Virgin Mary.

I loved the streets of Porto. Small and narrow, large and imperial...

Squares, churches beautiful buildings, including the Imperal McDonald's!

Porto is just beautiful and charming.

The we went to 512 ideas, Patricia's shop.

 It is full of loveliness.

From embellishments to fabric to everything!

But the reason why we went there is that unbeknown to me, Patricia had organised a surprise patchwork workshop. You see mondays its their patchwork workshop, but as the Chocolate Quente event was  the day before it had been canceled. Then I said over the two days that I wanted to learn how sew this year, and Patricia organised the surprised workshop for me and the regulars.
It almost made me cry of joy! How thoughtful! And on the right you can see the bag I made, well we - as in Patricia and I - made because I could have never made it on my own.
After we went for dinner with the patchwork girls.  I adore portuguese crafters!

(Part 3 and last of the trip coming soon...)

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