Wednesday 30 January 2008

Old card, new photo

I know I have posted this card before, but just wanted to show how lovely photos my new camera takes. I can't believe that I survived with the mobile camera!

Sunday 27 January 2008

Just because

I haven't taken any good photos of recent papercrafts projects, I decided to show my efforst with the new D80.
Of course, no other subjuct but Wasabi!

Monday 21 January 2008

Make it: the aftermath

This past weekend has been good fun and hard work. Good fun because its always nice to spend time with Julie Hickey, Sue and Richard (Craftwork Cards), Rachel and Mary (Hobbyhorse Crafts), Jo and Jane (The craft Co.), the Crafts U love team and so many more. Hard work because spending three days repeating over and over again the same things about a machine, well it is tiring, even though I love the machine in question (the Cricut Expressions).

Some exciting moments were seeing for the first time the Simply Sayings for sale in a show.

Had a chat and done some shopping with Bev from Banana Frog.

Today I had my first session of photography for my second book, Celtic Handmade Cards, so too tired to post more photos.

Thursday 17 January 2008

In love with my cat, as if you didn't know that!

All is ready for tomorrow, Make it show at Farnborough, where I will be demonstrating the Cricut expressions using the Design Studio!

Monday 14 January 2008

Work, work, workshops

This is a really busy time for all people involve in the craft industry as it is the time when all the collections are launched and trade fairs are hosted. It is as exciting as it is tiring.
This week I will be demonstrating at The craft Co stand at the Make it Show, Farnborough, where I shall be using my fab Cricut Expressions and the Design Studio.

Next week though I will be teaching a workshop at the Craftwork Cards down South Mega Sale. As you may know, this Leeds based company produces lovely stuff -now they do some stuff even designed by a shameless Paula Pascual! Anyway, the star of the company is without a doubt Julie Hickey, a best seller craft author that makes cardmaking really modern, fresh and exciting. Oh, and she is a fantastic friend too. Julie and I are going to teach a two hour workshop in which for a tenner you will do an hour with her, and a n hour with me using the latest and brightest products form Craftwork Cards. Really exciting new things will be unveiled there for the first time and some massive sales on the other stuff. For booking and more questions contact Craftwork Cards.

By the way, the above card was done using Craftwork Cards!

Thursday 10 January 2008

One day at Craftwork Cards

I am so excited that my Simply Sayings -the ones I designed for CWC- are on the website for all you to buy! They were put on the website on Tuesday and soon afterwards there were orders put in. I know they are my own, but I love to use this sayings. The above card is one I did for the December Recipe Cards. Hopefully with the new camera I will be able to take much better photos of my projects.

Penny Black

The new release is out, well has been for quite a while now, and I have just got a nice parcel with some o the stamps. I am dying to use them but I have been and will be really busy for a while so I will have to squeeze them between projects.

Crafts U love

This Saturday I will be teaching and demonstrating at Craft U love for the first time. Really excited as they carry loads of really yummy products. I will be using new products by Imaginesce.
There are a few places for the class, so if you fancy coming you still can.

Tuesday 8 January 2008

The newcomer

This little (not so little for me, though!) is finally here in my house after over two years of expectancy, the delivery went very well attended by the regular DHL guy. To be honest, I was expecting it tomorrow, which would have been a bit of a torment for me, since I am off to Leeds very early in the morning with the one and only Julie Hickey.

It is my Three Kings present, as we celebrated Spanish Christmas this year -pretty much like the English one but with a few differences like giving the presents on the morning of the 6th of January.

We (Omar and I) have taken many photos already, and really enjoying the camera. I'll post a few of them later on if I can find the time because I am really busy this days.

PS: Here you have our beautiful cat, as viewed by Omar using a D80 -how exciting that sounds! So much to learn, so little patience.

Sunday 6 January 2008

Second part

Although I have been many time near by, I had never had the chance to visit Chartres, bt this time was on our unmissable list of places to stop. After we left Mallorca on the ferry, we arrived to Barcelona at 19:45. We kept driving till Narbonne where we slept at the cheap but comfortable Etap (one step up from the Formula 1 extreme simplicity), the morning after we drove from Narbonne to Chartres, don't know how many miles, but more than a handful!

Chartres is synonym of his worlds heritage cathedral (above), for which to find words to describe it, it is quite difficult. Inside it is almost perfect, at least it is considered the best example of completed gothic cathedral. In the outside, well, I have to say that the uneven towrs on the front make to prefer other ones like Notre Dame in Paris or the one in Amiens.

The village is quite charming with a pretty river passing by, a couple of smaller Gothic churches and yummy chocolate shops, which we missed totally since it was a sunday and everything was closed at Chartres.

Beauvais, was our next stop in our mini Gothic-cathedral tour. This one is very, very important. Why, you may ask, this never finished and hardly balanced cathedral is important? precisely because it shows the architectural feats the other Gothic cathedrals, finished or almost finished. It just makes you appreciate the perfection of the others.

Last stop before taking the train through the tunnel, was Amiens. Another outstanding cathedral.
We arrived on a Sunday evening to home, exactly two weeks after we took off, over two thousand miles traveled by car (+train, +ferry). Wasabi was beyond excited to see us, so much so, that he followed us everywhere -yep, even to the toilet- and even slept for a couple of nights in our bed -something he never does. Now, he is completely back to his normal self, that is quite sweet but not as overly affectionate as the first days after we came back.

Remember all all of the above photos were taken with my mobile camera. Some exciting news coming soon on that front!

Tuesday 1 January 2008

Happy New Year...

...To all!

Some photos of our trip to Spain, driving through France.

Above, we spent our second night in San Sebastian (the first one was in a highway hotel in Le Mans (France) Omar in our hotel bedroom balcony. Beautiful.

Second stop in Spain was Pamplona, where my cousin Angela (in the picture with me), is studying Medicine.
Third stop was Zaragoza, but I don't have digital photos of it, although Omar took some film ones which I might be able to share later on this month.

Fourth stop was Mallorca or Majorca (English spelling). Above you can see the Cathedral and bellow, the morish style gardens nearby. This photos were taken on Christmas Day, after dinner.
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