Tuesday 8 January 2008

The newcomer

This little (not so little for me, though!) is finally here in my house after over two years of expectancy, the delivery went very well attended by the regular DHL guy. To be honest, I was expecting it tomorrow, which would have been a bit of a torment for me, since I am off to Leeds very early in the morning with the one and only Julie Hickey.

It is my Three Kings present, as we celebrated Spanish Christmas this year -pretty much like the English one but with a few differences like giving the presents on the morning of the 6th of January.

We (Omar and I) have taken many photos already, and really enjoying the camera. I'll post a few of them later on if I can find the time because I am really busy this days.

PS: Here you have our beautiful cat, as viewed by Omar using a D80 -how exciting that sounds! So much to learn, so little patience.


Ana Baird said...

The camera looks great! Tu gato esta lindo!

Fab said...

Lovely present and your cat is very cute. I know about the presents on the 6th, it's called 'La Befana' in Italy and according to the local folklore tradition...a Befana (Hag/Witch) flies on her broom to deliver presents to kids who have been very good or Coal to those who were naughty.

au poussin bleu said...

oh my god your omar looks like my lulu!

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