Friday 21 January 2011

Craft Day on QVC

One of my many favorite die cutting machines, the Slice,  is today's TSV, which I used to create the aperture in the bellow card as well as the inside nesting shape.

There are endless hours of crafting, including Marion Emberson's at 4pm. And she has a couple of my stamps sets one with the Filled with Flowers and Simple flowers and another one with Circle Tags, All Year Round and Mix and Match that has already been on air once or twice before. 

Thursday 13 January 2011

More distress cards

This one card I made last year for an article on Cardmaking and Papercraft. I love the look of this clean distress strongly influenced by Jennifer McGuire Love her!

Anyway, there is a good reason why I haven't posted often and it is not so simple. I have decided not to be so involved in the craft the industry meaning that I wont be anymore a full time freelance crafter. For those who like my stamps, do not worry. I will keep those coming. For those who enjoy my articles, do not worry either, I will still do them.

However, I am going to reduce drastically the demos that I will do this year. I will only do couple that were booked last year and I plan to do those. But I wont do any workshops for the foreseeable future. Both this decisions were not that easy to make but I feel I have the need to explore other professional possibilities outside the craft industry and workshops specially require too much of my energy and creativity.

I honestly don't know how often I am going to post cards in this blog as I have no fix plans about it. I may post cards daily for a week and then nothing for the following, something that suits me at the moment. I do plan, however, to keep the Crafty Storage posting regular.

My professional future? Well, I just have an enormous desire to have a go at portrait photography, even though I have strong suspicions on how hard and overcrowded the market is, I just have the need to give it a go. I may fail, but I wont know if I don't try, and right know, I don't feel like I have another option but to try it.

Friday 7 January 2011

Favorite Portraits of 2010

Well, actually, some of my favorites, not all of them as there are too many.
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