Tuesday 24 October 2006

Busy yet calm

It is funny. I like to go for a few days to Mallorca, just enough to see my friends and family and eat and buy good food. But that's about it. Anything longer it's too much.
Life back in the UK is good, busy with work and with our little (or not so little) cat Wasabi. Right now I am preparing a dress for the Craft Show that is going to be on the NEC Hobbycrafts in November. I have loads of ideas, but they don't seem to work that well. fingers crossed.

Friday 13 October 2006

About a month and some days later

The power of friendship is powerful, no doubt. It just lifts you up, and, altough it may not be the cure it's certanly a good medicine. My tiredness of crafting is almost totally gone. I am excited again about the creative process. Maybe the reason is because I spent a lovely evening with Saffa
or maybe it's because right now I am in Spain, mallorca, visiting my parents. Who knows?
Since the last post I have been in three different countries and one of them was a new one for me. Omar and I visit Prague and it is beautiful. Perfect size, small and pretty with loads to do. It's just a pity that there are so many tourist. Wait, I was a tourist there too.
The following week I joined Omar in Paris. I didn't do much, just my regular paper shopping trip to rue Louis-Philippe. But I did have one of the best spanish style hot chocolates at Ladoure (my spelling is bad) and at Angelina. Both of them great, although maybe the former was a tiny little bit better. Ah, and this time I check the ForumLes Halles shopping centre. Nothing new or really exciting, just the H&M and Mango's that you can find anywhere else.
And now I am in Mallorca. Really beautiful, a little bit too builded up.
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