Saturday 5 March 2011

Selling off stamps

Since January I have been cleaning up my studio. Not really cleaning as in removing dust and passing the vacuum cleaner, I have been doing that since day one.
I mean like clearing up the studio, going almost drawer by drawer revising what I had that was unlikely that would ever use again. Unsurprisingly, I had loads of stuff to give away. So I offered the stuff that I thought my friends would like to them and also some people who do cards for charity.
I was still left with a lot stamping up and other stamps that decided to try to eBay them. So if you fancy having a look click here to see one of them and then click on see more from this seller to see the whole range of stamps. I still have at least another batch of sets to put up next week, so I will keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paula
The link you have posted for stamps for sale comes back to this post and not e-bay..can you post another link please.
Thanks Linda

Paula Pascual said...

Updated, thanks for the reminder.
Click for the newer sets:

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