Thursday 31 March 2011

Super excited!

Look what I just received in the mail. It is my latest release of stamps, yes only three due due simply to the fact that i was rather busy with different sort of stuff when I had to design them. But do not worry, I have lately been working on a few more sets! 

They will soon - over the next couple of days - arrive to craft shops around the country.

Off to play with Journaling Spots, Punchable Labels and Punchable Tags


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see these in the shops Paula - as usual you seem to have thought of everything.

Unknown said...

the journal spots are a genius idea, and will be eternally used.
Where can i can hold of them?

notquitemarthastewart said...

As a person having a marvelous blog
I have given you an award.
Go on over to my blog to find out how to get it. Great stuff
love sarah x

stampingcaz said...

I cant wait til we get them ;)


Linda said...

Lovely Paula, who's stocking them? X

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Paula

Wow you have been busy designing! Look forward to seeing them in the shops!


Victoria said...

Have you designed them to work with tim holtz tags?

Lousette said...

Paula these are gorgeous. I love those tags!

Gibmiss said...

Hi Paula
gorgeous stamps must have them gorgeous

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