Tuesday 2 March 2010


I will let you on a top tip of demonstrators and designers. When we are sent some stash in order to produce samples for any occasion we often get a pack of chipboard alphabet stickers and little else to put a message. As you know, stickers are one use only, so once you use them that is it, and many times this chipboard stickers are originally designed for layouts, ie they are larger than you would expect from a cardmaking point of view.

So, I use a lot of HI and Hello in my cards for samples. They are easy enough to use, and no matter how large the letters are, they always fit even in the smallest card. (This is one of the main reasons why I designed my stamps, so I can use them in this type of occasion, however it is not always allowed.)

By the way, the card featured above is made out of the Origins Cardmaking Kit by Basic Grey, that comes with the chipboard stickers.

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