Wednesday 31 March 2010


I had to do quite a few cards for Stitches -the craft trade show- last February, so I have still a few more to share.
This one features Basic Grey Origins Card Making set. Honestly, it was the second time I have ever used one of this sets, and they are worth every penny. You get a bit of everything and if you use your creativity you can make many many more cards than the ones they tell you.

By the way, tomorrow I will start introducing the latest release of the stamps sets that I have designed for Personal Impressions, with instructions and some tutorials.

It has been a few very busy days lately, and things seem to stay this way for a little bit longer. I must admit I like being busy although I do often get stressed out. Monday's show on QVC was fun, although it was a quiet day as it wasn't the regular Tuesday show. I really enjoyed working with Charlie even though he is one of the tallest if not the tallest presenter and I am provably one of the shorter guests. But he is really great to work alongside.

EDITED TO SAY: I wont do the posts about the new stamps sets till the 12th which is when they should start to be available in shops across the country.


Debo said...

Just read your comment on a craft forum and wanted to say please don't worry about your accent - it is beautiful! It's lovely to listen to you!

Lindsay Mason said...

Hi Paula, I have finally managed to get a link to your blog onto mine under "associated links" - it refuses to allow me to add it to my blog list - computers!
Loved your hour on Monday but I was sympathising with you (as another "shortie"!) being on with Charlie...lovely man but sooo tall!
Lindsay x x

Caroline and Jayne said...

love this card Paula xx

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