Sunday 6 August 2006

It's good to have old friends

I am not a good writer and definetly not a regular one, somtething that it's quite obvious. Yet I like the fact I have a blog. I know almost no one will ever read it and that security makes me a little bit more free to express myself. I express myself in other ways like with dance or specially crafts, butI like to have the blog just in case, just for those occassions in which nothing else will be the adecuate vehicle to my crazyness.
Two days ago I decided to write an email to one of my best friends of the past. Well, actually, I still consider him as one of my best friends although I hadn't been in contact for a few months. I realized on his answer and on reading his blogg (, in spanish) that he is more or less the same person. I used to be more like him, although I had never the ability to write like he does, there was always a sharing of literature, art and conversations that I truly miss. I try as hard as a I can to not think too much about what "I left behind" when I came to the UK, because when I do so I feel some sadness.
I remember my five years at University (the norm in Spain) as some of the happiest of my life. Maybe the word happiest is not really the one I should use here, it was more like the most confindent years. You see, I am very insecure, it takes a long time for me to feel confident in a particular situation or place. My high school years were very good too, but at University for the first time I had two very close friends (Ana and Josep) that had lots of interests and similar points of view. All right, I have other friends from High school that I love very dearly, specially Tomeu and Catalina, but with Ana and Josep it was more like an adult friendship. I miss them. I miss having coffee in the faculty "bar", talking about film, literature and all this other beautiful things. Although, now that I come to think of it, maybe we weren't as close as I think we were, or maybe we were and distance in time and space has kind of confused my memory.
So, after hearing from my friend, I decided to do some googleing. Oh, I have enjoyed doing that! It's nice to see that some good writers are still good writers! (That is for both of you Jose Maria and Josep, not that ever you will read this.)

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