Monday 11 September 2006

Too much {uninspired-tiredness}

By chance I have read this blog. And, boy, todays entry it's just how I feel right now. But I don't think I will sell my stuff, it is still too precious for me and provably it will always be.
Most of these days I am tired of the crafting backtabbing. I don't know how, but I keep feeling that there is so much of it, and it's just not going away. Mostly I think it comes from the huge egos that few crafters seem to have, but also the envy on how they look at your success. And of course, all this affects my love and need for crafts. I don't enjoy as much as I used to seeting and creating new things, I need to make an effort to do this things. And because for me it's not a hobby but a job, I can't afford to be in this uninspired-tiredness situation.
But, who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll wake up in a crafty mood!


Saffa said...

Hi Paula..oh my goodness I was thinking about you and here is your blog!!!!!!

Hows it going! I am affraid I am not so good at up keeping my blog bu never mind. How is Omar I love his photos. he is doing so well.

Contact me please on my blog!!!


Saffa said...

Oh Paula! I have been checking your blog regularly bu no new news!

Hope you and Omar are well.

I will email you!

Sam Currie said...

hey there Paula

weird stuff not only are our styles similar but we seem to be going through the same creative slump/ feelings- must be the weather xxx

Kathy said...

Hi Paula
I've follwed the link from Saffa's place to find you.

Just wanted to say Hello really Hope by now the dreaded Crafter's Block has lifted - your day with Saffa MUST have helped there though!

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