Monday 12 February 2007

Good Changes

All Right, so I really have a new bigger studio, and it looks like this (actually much more untidy even if you thought that wasn't possible.
In the next few weeks, I'll be getting some more furniture. I know exactly where to put it and, trust me, it all fits or so it should.
That ugly thing against the wall on the first photo is the old sofa bed that used to be on our living room. We got real sofas for the first time and, nowhere else to put the old one, Omar insisted on me having it until we can give it away to some friends. So, I use it as a storage using hooks and baskets.
Lots of things are going to change still you can get the idea.
I am a very lucky girl!
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Niki Jackson said...

Wow your room is so impressive! I have a lovely studio at home where I create all my work and it's always untidy too LOL!

Nina said...

That's a great room! You're so lucky to have a whole room to take over!

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