Friday 14 March 2008

Some other LA stories

For those who have never been to Los Angeles, let me tell you that is a massive, massive city but not in the European way, as it doesn't have a proper city center, rather than loads of different nucleus, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Downtown, Santa Monica... As it is non pedestrian city, you need the car for almost every single thing so parking is difficult in LA, now I understand the great service that is valet parking, a little bit pricey though!

I got to go with my friend to her office, which is at her bosses house, a very nice one in Hollywood Hills. The office was full of movies and by full I mean to the roof. But the great part of it was to see screenplays (new and classic ones) and other film related stuff, like the above.

One of the aspects of LA that caught my attention was the amazingly beautiful light. I guess it makes sense as that is why it became the city where movies were filmed. I loved that light, specially because how the photos came out. So a perfect opportunity to take loads of random shots like the one above, as it was a great chance to play and learn with the D80.

Since I have got the new camera, I am turning into a freak of self portraits. But this one has an excuse. That is Chateau Marmont's toilet, where I saw Sienna Miller, Rhys Ifans and Brittany Murphy. Well, I didn't see them in the toilet, but in the lovely courtyard of the hotel. I didn't want to take pictures inside of the main public areas or we feared we might had gotten ourselves into trouble. We did go to other star spotting places like The Ivy of or Hotel Rooselvelt, but the Chateau was my favorite, food was great and the place is quite special, well, at least for American standards.

The Ivy was all right food wise and service, but definitely the place to go to see celebrities who want to be seen and also is the place to see the paparazzi at work, a proper LA experience. Hotel Rooselvelt attracts a younger crowd around the pool, and mostly are people who are there to show off their perfect bodies. Another funny thing about LA is that you see loads of familiar faces that you can't name, maybe extras or minor TV actors.

This is one of my favorite photos of the whole trip. Sephira and I taken while we were having dinner at Santa Monica's Beach. That is my favorite area of LA, at least it is the most normal one, the beach is beautiful and the shops are very pretty. And has one of the best patisseries I have ever been, Jin's patisserie.

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Maple said...

i have added to my 'daily' list : ready Paula's blog....

great way to capture the memories. miss u lots xoxoxo

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