Tuesday 22 April 2008

Artline Multipens

It is a silly story, but I discivered this great pens as a part of a swap at Stitches -the craft trade show in the UK/Europe. Artline's demonstrator at the Shachihata Europe Ltd stand had run out of ultra thick embossing powder and someone from the stand was on the hunt for some. As he some with UTEE, he asked me if I could spare some of mine and of course, I gavehime some of mine. He kindly came back with loads of goodies from his stand.
To be honest, because the show was so busy, I just had to put them in a drawer until I got home.

Well, now that I had a good play -after a couple of months- I have to admit that I am very impress with this little set. They are fantastic as they work brilliantly in so many surfaces, specially well on vellum, which as you know is a particularly difficult surface.
These dry with a matte chalky finish instead of the usual shiny finish and are Acid Free, water based pigment ink. The only drawback, a limited collection of colour.

By the way, I write this little review just because I love this product. Apart from the guy I talked to at the show, I don't know anyone in that company, and to be honest I provably wouldn't even recognize that guy!

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