Friday 29 August 2008

Masculine cards

The question I am most asked while teaching or demonstrating is: Do you have any ideas on how to make cards for men?
Luckily, I actually do think cards for men is pretty easy if you follow the rule of keep it simple in all the different ways. A simple neutral colour scheme, simple embellishments (metal charms and chunky buttons are ideal), a simple layout, a simple technique...
Then, once that you are confident making cards that are not so pretty, you will see how you can make cards that are masculine and more complex. And also remember, that men do like flowers, just not pink nor purple, as long that the card has the overall masculine feel it will be fine.


InkyArtitude said...

Congratulations on your article in the latest Quick and Crafty Mag Paula, beautiful work and very inspiring. The new edition landed on my desk yesterday morning and when I had a quick flick, your work really caught my eye... gave me a welcomed break in what turned out to be a totally hectic day, thank you!

Momiji said... your article in Quick and Crafty and love the atc book and atcs. ...very stylish.
will have to put a bind it all on my wish list I think!

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