Wednesday 24 September 2008

My feet love... CAMPER

All right, I don't enjoy that much shopping for clothes or shoes. I mean, I am short slightly overweight and with a Mediterranean shaped body which makes finding clothes that fit in the UK shopping scene rather difficult. So, when I find something that works for my body whether is clothes or shoes I stick to it. Clothing wise, I stick to Zara, H&M, Principles Petite and Monsoon for fancier pieces.
Shoe wise, I am even more limited. Apart from the odd Nine West, I really only get Camper shoes. The fact that is a company originated in Mallorca (Spain) in a town quite near where I grew up, has a lot to do with my choice. But the fact is that apart from one pair, I have been really happy with all my pair of Campers, they are comfortable (at least for my feet) and they last heavy use.
I often get a pair of Twins, which means that the right shoe has a different pattern than the one for the left foot, like the pair below:

So, the reason for this rather particular Camper promoting post is that if you ever see my with what it looks like an oddly paired shoes in my feet, you will know that is not that I made a mistake and mix match two pairs, they were design to be oddly paired!

PS: The shop in the first picture is in San Francisco (California), but you can find Camper shops or Camper shoes all over the world as fortunately/unfortunately is one of those companies that has gone big time global in the last decade.

PSS: Just to let you know, that I think the pair of shoes in the picture is from at least two years ago, so I don't think you can get it anymore.

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InkyArtitude said...

Wow! Now they're just up my street. Fab shoes.... I shall be keeping my eyes open for more by this company. Thank you for the tip off Paula.

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