Sunday 26 October 2008

Sharm El Sheikh

We were very fortunate to be invited by my in laws to the Four Season's resort. It was my first time in Sharm El Sheikh and, even though I do not enjoy usually beach resorts, this is a cut above the rest. The place is so beautiful, with private beach, four swiming pools, and even a funicular that takes you from the pool to the rooms area.
You may think that is pointless luxury, but with the heat going up the hill to your room doesn't appeal too much. I guess the concept is an outdoor lift. And nobody thinks twice about the luxury that is in fact a proper traditional lift!
The view from the top.

the view from the bottom.

View of he suites. Ours was on the ground floor (the best for accessibility).

And finally the private beach. I did swimm in the sea to do some snorkleing, but although the colours of the fish were great, it looks like the Red Sea shore is not that amazing anymore.

Sunset from the beach. Really relaxing.

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