Sunday 18 October 2009

New Stamps: Wording Stamps or Birthday set

This is the Birthday set -although is just called Wording Stamps, PICS066- for those who only need or want stamps to celebrate Birthdays.

You can see that this tamp shares images from different sets. Well, there is a good explanation for this. I put together this set and the Mixed Sayings the first of all as a sampler of my style to Personal Impressions who decided it was nice enough to make an actual set of stamps. I then prepared some other sets using the images that I liked the best from them without realizing that these were already into production! That is why some images are repeated, something that I did not intended to do and will try to avoid in the future.

However, I think that for under £5 retail, is good value as you will get 6 stamps that are not in any other set which are the ones on the bottom.

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