Monday 29 November 2010

Vamos Rafa!

Yes, he didn't win last night. I know, I was there at the O2. To be honest, when Omar got us tickets to the final a month or so ago I did not expect at all to see Rafa in the final. Nadal had never made the final at ATV World Tour Finals, as it is a indoor hard court, the worst surface for him. So I was not expecting him to win at all.

Federer was almost always the better player throughout out the match, so many effortless shots, you could see Nadal exhausted from Saturday's semifinal against Murray. At least Rafa manage to win the second set, which all in all was a good result for him. And although I am a bit sad that he didn't win, the truth is that for a tennis fan like myself to be able to have witness on court a Nadal-Federer match on a final is something that is truly unforgettable. Not many sports have such a good role models like this two guys, I am glad I am a tennis fan.

Watching him loose yesterday is even more inspiring to me than when he wins. I often have said that what I most admire in Rafa is not his formidable tennis -which I also do admire- but his amazing attitude, in victory or in defeat. We often celebrate excellency and natural talent, and forget that the effort to overcome our own flaws should be even more appreciated. The desire to improve, to do things better and to not let small or big failures in the way of becoming a better player and person is something that we should all practice. 

So, thank you Rafa.

Vamos Rafa!


Lindsay Mason said...

Wonderful words of wisdom, spoken in a world that's lost it's way !

GinaE said...

I relate to your passion for this player and sport. I actually only like one sport, but am passionate about it as well.

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