Saturday 2 April 2011

Photo Labels Tutorial

I started the card by stamping the label with the flowers on using Black Versafine on ultra smooth card.

Then I took the small flower that fits right inside the larger central one on the label. I used Versafine Spanish Moss.

Then I stamped the message and punched the label out using the EkSuccess Photo Labels punch.

On a separate piece of card I stamped a flower from the Filled With Flowers set.

As it is a two step flower set, I then took the second flower and stamped it using the same Spanish Moss.

I use the little dots in a circle from the Punchable labels set to add more detail.

I wish now that I stopped there, but I didn't and I stamped the black circles inside the dotty ones.

Then I layered all and realized it needed something else.

So I stamped the black edged label.

When you punch it out you may have white edges around.

To solve that problem I run my black ink around the edges.

So the problem is solved.

And here you have the finished card.


Fab said...

Looooooooooove it ! :) Great tutorial ! :)

Helena Daniels said...

More wonderful stamps Paula, they look great and I cannot wait to buy them. The tutorial is extreemly helpful too. Clever girl!

love Helena

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