Thursday 19 May 2011

So, one of my UK crafty friends, Kirsty Wiseman, is organizing this amazing crafty raffle to save the life of a dog that belongs to another crafty friend of ours. 
Huge crafty Raffle - Saving DaisyThis is a raffle so huge, that by the time I have collated all the prizes, you need never buy a single craft item ever again, well....barely! Tell your friends, tell your family, raid the kids money box.......please, please find it in your hearts (and paypalaccounts) to help raise money for Daisy Dog.
As a animal lover myself, I ask you to please go to Kirsty's blog and make a donation so that you can save a dog's life and maybe win some craft goodies!

1 comment:

Judith said...

Have already pledged. Isn't Daisy such a cutie.

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