Tuesday 1 November 2011

Step by step over at Sizzix - updated below

If you fancy a proper tutorial on how to build a snowflake Christmas tree, pop over to the Sizzix blogs page.

As Sizzix removed all posts from 2011, here you have the tutorial.

Last week I did a small Christmas tree made with the rosettes. Today I am revisiting another Christmas decoration, again a tree but this time using eclips and  the Seasonal cartridge. It is really quick and economical to make and the eclips does all the work.

You will need

·                Sizzix eclips Starter Kit
·                Sizzix eclips Cartridge – Seasonal
·                White card
·                Crystal transparent in several sizes
·                Crafters Companion – Silver sparkle Spray - or 
·                Crafters Companions Stick & Stay  and Transparent Glitter
·                Bamboo skewer
·                White acrylic paint
·                Oasis or Florist's Sand
·                Hole punch 1/8”
·                Tacky Glue

Cut one snowflake in the following sizes: 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2",  3", 3 1/2", 4", 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/2", and 6”. Then cut two of 1 1/4”. 

Lift the cut snowflakes gently. I srontly advise to get the spatula. Without it is really difficult to get the intricate cuts.

Layer them on top of each other to check how the sizes fare. You can make them every 1/4" if you wish or make it really large starting at 12" but you will need a much longer skewer.

Make a 1/8” hole in each snowflake centre except for the smallest two snowflakes. To make sure that all are centered it is best to do one at a time. But if you don't have much time you can use a Cropadile and do all at once.

You will need some spacers between the different snowflakes, you can use large decorative beads or create some spacers with card. To create the spaces trim a strip of thin white card that is 3/4” and 12” long. Then trim them in 1” lengths with a few a little bit longer and a few smaller. That will account for some to be thicker once assembled and some thinner, something that will be important once the tree is assembled.

Roll each piece of card around the skewer so it is tight but movable up and down. 

Secure it with a small amount of tacky glue at the end. I hold it together for a minute or so 
using a clip.

Paint the skewer white using white acrylic paint and position it on a little glass filled with florist's sand.

Once all the spacers are assembled put them in a line, at one end the thinnest and at the other the fattest. Start threading the elements through the skewer starting by the fattest spacer and then the largest snowflake.

Continue this way until the small snowflakes.

Add small amounts of tacky glue to one of the small snowflakes and attach to the top of the skewer. Then add the second one making sure that they are both well attached.

Once finished spray Spray & Sparkle for a Silver glittery finish, or Stick & Stay  and then sprinkle transparent glitter all over it.

And here you have another version, similar sizes but I added crystals on each of the ends and I used the Vase Bigz die for the base.


Sandra said...

Wow... this looks amazing Paula. What a great idea too.
Hope you are well.
Sandra x

Printed Fabric said...

If only I'd seen this post when you first published it, this would have looked just lovely on my desk! Oh well, I'll keep it bookmarked for when this Christmas rolls around, I love the idea too much!

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