Wednesday 20 February 2013

Food Flags

To celebrate that the Fresh Moments dies that I designed for Sizzix EU are arriving to the shops around, I thought I would a series of tutorials and projects featuring the collection in the last few weeks in three blogs that I post - Sizzix EUTubo and this very one.

I thought I would do another post using the free downloadables from yesterday. And continuing the sweet theme, I thought I would share this way to make the

Place the cocktails sticks on a foam (I use the ones that come with the Texture Impressions packs). This way is easier to manage them as well as keeping a part of them unpainted safe for food (If I was doing this for proper food that I was going to serve I would use food safe paints, but I didn't have any at the time). I painted the sticks and let them dry.

I printed the free download from yesterday and die cut the messages that are more separated in the middle. (That spacing is made un purpose so that they work as flags.) Place the die, secure it with low tack tape and die cut using your Big Shot.
Fold it in half and attach it to a cocktail stick using tacky glue or your adhesive of choice.

And there they are:

I needed a little plate to put sweets on. So I thought this might work. it kind of does but still is not perfect.

I die cut one of the larger hexagons. Draw lines across each point and place a smaller (the second smallest Hexagon) in the centre. Then I scored the lines from the smaller hexagon going all out. I folded them as shown on the photo.

I place low tack tape on the the sides of the drawn lines and pinch them up so they stay in place. Then remove the low tack tape to make sure it stays as plate rather than a bowl. 

Forgive the photo, you can see the foam but I had run out of jelly beans by this stage!

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