Tuesday 23 April 2013

Happy Saint George's day

As I was born in Zaragoza, Aragon (Spain), St George is one highly regarded as it is the patron Saint of Aragon. The fact that he is also the patron of England where I have been living for over ten years is a plus! So I wanted to celebrate with a simple card.

I started by die cutting a Union Jack - using the Sizzix die from my everyday collection - out of acetate. I cover the non cross the Saint George bits using low tack tape. I kept the cross in the middle as I knew I would use it later on.

I place the template on my white card and secure it with low tack tape.

With the help with a finger dabber, I started to add colour by dabbing gently Treasure Gold in Ruby.

Continue until the colour is deep enough. 

This is how it would look like. However, I put the mask back own for the next step.

I place this Crafters Workshop mask over it and again secured it with low tack tape. then I applied White Fire Treasure Gold, a soft whitish gold.

Because I left the Union Jack mask, the brocade pattern is only on the Cross.

I removed the Union Jack Mask and place the Brocade mask directly on the card positioning it carefully exactly as it was before. Then I placed over the top the positive cross - the left over from the die cutting phase - to protect the work done so far. Then I applied Silver Tresure. through the mask.

And kept going until the whole are was covered.

And this is the result. I really like the two tone damask pattern which is much more visible in real life.

To add more detail, I spray over Perfect Pearls Mists in Heirloom Gold.

And to distress the edges I used a combo of Brushed Corduroy and Pumice Stone distress inks.

 I layered in with black card and mounted on to chipboard card.

Anyway, I hope you like it!

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