Saturday 12 October 2013

Pan Pastels love

I love Pan Pastels since the day one of them landed on my hands. I have quite a few of them. But there were a few new ones that I didn't have till this morning:

And there they are - thanks to Nikky Hall and Pan Pastel UK. All six new luscious gorgeous metallic colors. Top left: light gold, silver, copper, pewter, bronze and rich gold.

 So, of course I had to test them with one of my Textured Impressions Embossing folders, the Snowflakes one. First, I applied the blue colours using a few Pan pastels, blending them well. Then, I applied two metallic colours, the silver and the pewter.

They give this gorgeous metallic/pearlescent shimmer through out blending them nicely with the colours underneath.
They are more subtle than I expected, but I love that about them, it means that I can do more with them, I can mix them up with more colours and produce different effects. I am in love.

I am so glad I got my hands on them!


SueF said...

LOvely subtle effect - do they set well?


Paula Pascual said...

Sue, I always set my pan pastels with a matte, glossy or sparkly spray sealer. You can use also a wet medium, but I find that messier.
The advantage of using Pan pastels is that the quality is so good that you get a lot of pigment pay off, so a little goes a long way.

Paula Pascual said...

Also, I found these metallics one much lighter that the matte ones, so I imagine that they change a lot depending on which card you use them with.

SueF said...

Thanks Paula - they were already on my (ever growing) shopping list. You've just placed them nearer the top!


Kay Miller said...

Oh those look lovely! I may have to give them a try! Very pretty effect!

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