Friday 28 February 2014

Ikea Expedit discontinued?

Looks like Ikea's Expedit units soon will be extinct. (Insert cries from many Crafty Storers.)
Fear not, they are not stupid at IKEA. It is not only Crafty Storers that love the Expedit. They know it is one of their cult lines so they are bringing out a refreshed version, the Kallax, pictured bellow.

To me it looks pretty much the same to the old Expedit bellow:

Advantages, the thinner outside edges makes the whole unit slightly smaller all together, but maintain the essential inner cubes sizing, which is the essential thing for 12 x 12 papers and Vinyl records (yes their collectors are more worried than us crafters!)

Disadvantages, actually more questions than disadvantages. Will there be a 5 x 5 cube option? What colours will be available? 

UPDATE August 2015: Looks like all the options of the Expedit are more or less still available in Kallax, plus some more. Well done Ikea! (Not always gets it right for us Craft Storagers, but this time they have!)

This is what Ikea says:

IKEA has updated and improved the EXPEDIT shelving unit with a sleek, new design that is more durable (with a more scratch-resistant surface), more child-friendly (with rounded corners), and still fits all existing storage baskets and boxes. With this new design, IKEA is giving EXPEDIT a new name: KALLAX. KALLAX will be available to consumers in the U.S. starting this April.

So, IKEA when will be available in Europe and the rest of the world?

To see the full range of Kallax click on the appropriate country
(Just listed the countries that visit my blog):

UK | USA | D | ES | FR | CA 


Lynnda's Blog said...

I shout oh no! I don't have one, I have no plans to get one, but maybe one day.....

Kajikit said...

It's not just the cubes they're discontinuing... their dirt-cheap Antonio wire basket storage is obviously being phased out and replaced by a more expensive rounded version (nearly twice as expensive so it would add up!). I went to buy it yesterday and they had a TON of the new one and almost no Antonio left.

Kajikit said...

PS. They still had all the Expedit cubes in the Sunrise Ikea store with no notice of their being discontinued... if you want to get them, go to Ikea now. They were on my 'some day' list too.

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