Friday 6 June 2014

Two days in Cordoba

Easter monday was a rainy day but still lovely. We made our way from Sevilla to Cordoba in our rental car.

On our way we passed by this amazing castle in Almodovar del Rio (largely reconstructed in the 20th century by an spanish aristocrat) but it was very beautiful and romantic non the less. Can you spot Omar on the right photo?

We arrived to Cordoba in the evening and we walked through the beautiful streets to the roman bridge. What a beautiful sight!

Next morning, the Mosque/Cathedral had to be the first stop. What an amazing place it is!

I remember reading something about how unique Spain is. And it is true. Aside from the obvious, what other european country has a thousand year old mosque, a thousand year old cathedrals and almost one thousand year old synagogue? Yes, that is Spain only.

The narrow white streets of Cordoba are charming and beautiful, as are the people.

Little places like a hundreds of years old houses are converted in private little museums, or the beautiful - even if run down - old synagogue (on the right) make Cordoba a very special city.

Cordoba also has a Alcazar, a fortress that has beautiful gardens and views.

I am not lying about the views, am I?

The roman bridge is a fantastic walk.

I fell in love with Cordoba. So beautiful, so clean, so well taken care off...

Just behind our hotel there is this square which is well known in Spain, El Cristo de los Faroles. There was a very special atmosphere. Something I will treasure for a long time.

Beside there was the Cuesta del Bailio, beautiful steps with very charming white painted walls part of which are

The hotel where we stayed needs to be mentioned. One of the best hotels I have ever been to. So beautiful! It was an old private palace (Casas del Bailio) which has been restored to moorish rooms and gardens as well as a restaurant patio with a glass floor over a roman mosaic. A pity I didn't have a better camera to captured it perfectly.

The thing about Cordoba is that no matter how many churches you have seen, there is always one more surprise around the corner. Like this little mudejar chapel.

On our last day in Andalusia, we visited the Medina Azahara centre. We wanted to stop and see the whole ruins but the main rooms were closed so we decided to leave it for another time and enjoy a mini road trip through the andalusian small roads with a rental car.

The views were stunning.

I booked the cheapest and smallest car possible. This is the car they gave us. Not bad, Hertz!

Selfie time while driving through the olive tree countryside. We do love road trips anyway, but on a convertible mini with the sun shining... cant be beaten!

A quick stop in Antequera to see the Alcazaba, Colegiata and the stunning views.

On the airport, Omar was rather pleased that our bag was exactly the maximum 20 kilos. After that, he relaxed (euphemism for deep sleep) on the comfy sofas. 

What an amazing week we had. Full of great sights, history lessons, good food and spending time with my dear cousin, could not have asked for anything more.

PS: Someone was very happy to see us after a whole week. Loads of cuddles!

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