Sunday 27 July 2014

The Heart Frame Tutorial

I usually take this frame that I made last year to my workshops and demos and always gets a lots of questions on how did I do it. The funny thing is that i took step by step photos while I was making it, but then I forgot where they were until today. So here it goes, the full tutorial. Enjoy!

I started with one of the cheapest Ikea frames. I die cut twelve hearts using the Bigz die from the Starter kit using white mountboard. I prefer mount board to chipboard because it has white edges and the top tecture is smoother so more things you can do to the top. Then I painted them all using Paperarsty's Fresco paints in an assortment of colour using foam pads to dab the colour in.

Once that paint was dry, I proceed to cover each one with a different medium to get different textures in. I used Crackle glaze, Glue & Seal...

Kroma crackle, Cosmic Shimmer glue... they will all give a different effect. If it was now, I would definitely try some of the new DecoArt mediums, like the Texture crackle.

Once those coats were dry, I coated them with a thin acrylic coat using Paperartsy's Nougat.

This are some of the effects I got. the one on the left is Kroma Crackle but not completely dry. The one on the right is the glue one.

Little by little the hearts were taking texture.

Once I was happy with the texture, I proceed to add embellishments and more die cuts. i used Teresa collins embellishments and the Big Shot Starter kit dies.

I painted and crackled the frame to make it all coordinating. Finally, I attached them to the plastic that comes with the frame. I like to suspend things on to the outside of the plastic so that it has more texture.

A few close ups. the papers on the back are also Terese Colllins.

And, again, the finished frame. 

Messy stuff doesn't have to look messy and complicated, if you don't want to. You can make it as you like!


Made said...

Me encanta!!! es precioso!!!! Justamente ayer compré un montón de estos marcos para hacer un mosaico con fotos de las pekes. Grácias por la idea :D

wintam said...

B e a u t i f u l !

TIA NANA said...

Es muy bonito, muchas gracias por el tutorial

Julie said...

A really lovely project, I hope to have a go.

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