Saturday 4 October 2014

A Christmas ornament tree card

I love Christmas trees, I love flowers and I love triangles. Combining all three things I designed a die that is intricate and creates a beautiful detailed apertures in the shape of a Christmas triangular tree - 659976 Sizzix - Ornament Tree by Paula Pascual.

It will fit on a 5 x 7" card, but worry not, I made a template to create the triangular card that you can download here. It has three pages, with four different ways, a double fold triangular card, a trifold card, a topper with edges, and a single triangle that can be used for bunting. remember that use is strictly personal and for charitable causes.

The die cuts all the little holes and bigger flowers. It is so simple and quick and easy to make, that I think this will probably end up as my Christmas card!

I printed and cut the folded template to create the brown card base. 

I followed the template marks to cut and score down the middle.

Then I used the single triangle template to cut and score the patterned paper.

I then die cut it. 

I just attached it to the brown card by folding the flaps to create a bubble effect. You may need to trim the flaps a bit more as I designed them big enough to create a box like the one on the left photo.

I used a strong glue to attach the flaps, but remember if you are not too bothered about the bubbled effect, then use the single triangle template and glue directly.

This was done out of copier paper just to test the template. And I loved the effect of the white on white so I thought I would share it!


Lynda said...

I saw this on Kath's blog....oh my this is pure genius! Is it available in the US yet?

Paula Pascual said...

Thank you so much Lynda!
Unfortunately my designs are exclusive to Sizzix Europe which means that Sizzix USA doesn't distribute them. (Nothing to do with me!)
The best way to get hold of them is through UK shops that have international shipping.

Thanks Again


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