Sunday 8 February 2015

Paperworld Part 2

So part 2, friends and artists galore!

These two need no introductions. Tim Holtz was his usual extraordinary teacher and demonstrator (I still think he is the best in the whole craft industry) and Dyan Reaveley of Ranger Dylusions. I always feel energised and inspired by her demos.

Pete was demonstrating for one of Sizzix distributors, Artemio, as was Debi Potter for CraftEmotions (which had some of my Sizzix dies on the wall, made me really happy!).

I also met two very important people from Sizzix USA. Jen Long, the die designer, and Kevin the actual inventor/engineer of the Big Shot! I literally didn't stop asking him questions about the machines and the scientific reasons why certain things work or didn't. It was brilliant! No photo though, I kicked myself very hard when I realised I didn't take any with them.

I adore Teresa Collins, she is truly inspiring! And Karola Witczak! Again talent and beauty!

I also met the beautiful  and talented mixed media artists that are Birgit Koopsen and Marsha Valk, But I didnt take any photos with my phone! URhh Love their work and it was the first that I met them. 

Diana from 100x100 Manualidades came by to look at the amazing samples and to  say hello to Elena and myself as well. 
I am teaching at her shop in March, looking forward to it!

And the fun and gorgeous Baerbel Born (She is much prettier in real life!). With Pete Hughes of course.

And the Sizzix creative girls, Elena Roche, myself, Katie Skilton and Debi Potter. A quiet dinner but oh so nice.

I didn't really walk the show except for a quick look round during my lunch hour or getting coffees for the team, so I don't really have other pictures to share, but it was a fabulous show!

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Unknown said...

You are sooo lovely! I saw how busy you have been, and take a walk to meet friends is such a nice thing to do! I remember you fetching this HUGE tablet with beverages for your staff, that has left a deep impression to me how much you care!

I hope we meet again and I swear, I will never ever make funny faces again! Never! ;-)

HUGS, Baerbel

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