Thursday 16 July 2015

Introducing Craft Conversations with the Pros

I am starting a bit later today with a new weekly feature in this blog: Craft Conversations with the Pros.

It will be a series of interviews with more or less the same questions and I will be asking every week, on a Thursday to a different professional crafter. I will start with some of my closest and oldest friends in this crazy and beautiful industry of ours.

The original idea came because I am often asked how did I start in the industry and/or how to get a career in the creative craft world. I have no problem in answering the first question. the second, well I don't know if I am the right person to ask!

However, as I am fortunate enough to have a lot of good friends in this craft world, I thought I would ask them some questions relating to working in this industry.  I specifically asked them to be as honest as possible, as often when I read interviews on craft magazines, it is more about how great all is (which is true) but I also think it is important to say if it is incredibly hard work.

I also wanted to share more about how important it has been for me personally to meet all these great and talented people. I have made great friends and I am very thankful for the friendships that working in this industry has brought to me. The personal aspect is a very essential one! That is what you will see a more personal question at the very end.

This is something that I have been thinking of doing for the last two years. It is taken me two years to actually write the questions and send them to my craft peers. Crazy or what?

I have some great names lined up, it is going to be a very interesting read!

The first one is going to be: the one and only Dawn Bibby!

You can read other Craft Conversations with the Pros here:
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Maxine Jones said...

What a wonderful idea!! I'm sure you'll have great fun doing this too! Looking forward to reading! Peace x

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