Sunday 26 November 2006

Some projects

There are some days that are very productive and some others that aren't. Well my life is filled with the latter ones. I try hard, although it may be not hard enough,
to be more industrious and I seem to fail daily. But, and this is a happy but, the recent days have been a good change. I have finish tidying my studio, which for those of you who haven't been in is tiny, and I feel great about it. I know where the stuff is, the non essential is hard to reach and the where-is-it and need-it-all-the-time stuff is easily reached.
Also, I have almost finished an small (not mini though) album in which i just put photos of our trips. You see, Omar and I travel quite a lot and because of that I end up with thousands of photos, most of which are quite nice. To scrap them all in albums would take me a lifetime, so I have opted for an easier way of displaying them. If I can I will post later on some of the photos of this project.
In other news, next weekend I am going to Spain for over a week. I am excited but also nervous all my family will be there and they are fantastic but intense!

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mary jane said...

Try not to think of it as failing, that is much too harsh. It is a wonder we make it through the day sometimes! Your work is beautiful.In those seemingly unproductive days you are storing up for bursts of brilliance.

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