Wednesday 29 November 2006

Why I like scrapbooking

Many people don't get why some of us scrapbook. While there be many reasons why some fellow scrappers spend their time doing layouts and everything related, for me at the end there is just one reason: to express myself using the best way I can, and that is using paper and glue and everything in between. I am not good with words, as you may know by now, but paper is a medium that allows me to say things (dance too, but lasts only a few minutes). By doing a layout, selecting a picture, some coloured papers and a design I am expressing what I feel, who I love and what it matters.
And this layout is a proof of that, of how proud I am of Omar, my husband. Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

Saffa said...

OOh Paula...sooo great to see some of your work on your blog.....AT LAST!!!!

I may have to scrap lift thispage if thats ok!! Your work is great and of course so are the pics thanks to Omar!

Nice to have some new entries to read..i just came to check out your blog thinking there would be no new entries..hehe when I was pleasently suprised to find several!

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