Tuesday 5 June 2007

My thoughts on favorites

It is funny. I mean there are scrapbookers, papercrafters actually, that really inspire me although they are not my favorites. Likewise, there are some that are my favorites yet they don't inspire me to create.

Take for instance Cathy Zielske, she is up there, at the top of my fav list. I just wish her layouts were mine, I adore the way she writes, the way that her photos come out, the way the layouts look. But (not a big but) never inspires me to get down to scrap. I feel that I can never achieve what she creates.

And then there is Donna Downey. While I like her layouts, the choice of colours and other bits, she is way below the middle in my fav list. But She is most certainly a scrapbooker that inspires me to do pages, to use her ideas or to just feel the mood of scraping.

Of course there is always a third option which may be the most popular one. The one you like very very much and that inspires you at the same time to do some good paper crafting. And for me that would be Ali Edwards.

As a sample of this, I am posting this layout that I did last year. Donna Downey dedicated her article at Simple Scrapbooks (great magazine where both of them publish their stuff) to show how to use bits that come with the scrap stash(free bits that is!). She used the content sheet from the Basic Grey Collection Pack and used on a layout. Yes, I used the same collection as her (Urban Couture) but the result is different (the composition is different).

And then, after all this thinking, I come to realize that it happens the same thing with friends. There are some that we really like but they don't particularly inspire us to be better person (not to become a bad person either or this person shouldn't be a friend), then there are those who we may not like as much as the other one but their company and friendship makes us to want to be better. And of course there are those who we like very very very much and make us by there example to be better friends.

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Anam_Kihaku said...

totally agree :)

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