Saturday 28 July 2007

The IKEA experience

Let's be really honest. How many of us do really, really love IKEA? I mean the whole IKEA experience and not the catalog/furniture. I very much doubt that there is crafter in the world that hasn't gone or dreamed to IKEA in order to buy some key piece for their studio. The product is cheaper than anywhere else, the design is good, and tends to go well for storing crafty bits.
But going back to the experience, how many of us have gone through the following:
- looked a thousand times the catalog looking just to get ideas,
- measured the wall in every way possible to check that the item would fit,
- changed our mind a thousand times thinking about which finish would look best,
- decided upon one item and one finish, and even maybe a size,
- checked on the website that they DO have the item in stock,
- gone to the nearest IKEA - going to the not-so-nearest-IKAE would be plain stupid,
- found parking!!!!!
- gone through the whole shop just in case you see something that you have been looking your whole life but until you see it you don't know what it is,
- found several of those essentials items,
- got to the warehouse at the right aisle, right location and Voila, an magician has decided to impress his girlfriend making all of the items disappear.
- got to the information desk, just in case they know where the magician has put them,
- got really upset because the boy/girl at the desk is a useless help,

Do I need to continue? I mean the story has still a few chapters but for someone like me that has just came back from one of this experiences, well, let's just say that telling those last phases it has lost its charm by now.
However let me add that I now have a system to rate my shopping visits to IKEA based on success achieved at the end of it and I think it is a rather objective way. You see I make a shopping list previous to the trip to the shop, the list needs to contain more than say 4 items and I need to rate how much I need/want this items in relation to the others. That will give me some percentages: table 35%, chair 25%, bin 15%, box15%, hooks 10%, which adding all up should be 100%. So at the end of the shopping visit I can see how many of those things I got and how much of my need/want list represent. Today I had 75% success, which considering how it is most times, it is a great result.
Am I too weird?

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Julie said...

Paula this sounds just like whenever I go!!! Check before I go that they have them in stock and low and behold when you get there that magician has been again!! You did make me laugh - what did you get in the end? Show me tomorrow Julie

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