Friday 6 July 2007

Scraps Storage Ideas

Those who have been in to my studio know that I am crazy about storage. Practically there is not onw single day that I am not thinking which is the best way to maximize the space that I have, concequence of having been in a studio that was a shoe box type of room. Well even though now I have a fairly large room (what should be a dinning room) I still find myself thinking of moving things around in order to have everything tidy, easy to reach and inspiring. So when a few days ago I read a thread over at about how to store scraps, I decided to post a photo of how I do mine.
This kraft boxes are fairly big, they come with the black metal handles in both sides which makes a really big difference when you have very heavy contents inside, and as you know cardstock is heavy. On the left one I have all my packs of Bazzill Monochromatic 5.5 x8.5" sheets, organized by colour. On the right one I have my scraps.
As you can see on the second photo, I just separete the scraps by colour using an A4 white card with a tab of the colour of the scraps. Simple but really handy, easy to tidy and use.
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