Monday 1 October 2007

Alexandra Palace

I am back from a very busy and tiring weekend. I only worked Saturday but I decided to go up on Sunday as well to do some shopping and helping out with coffees and more to my friends.

All was nice, but the really exciting thing was demonstrating for Helena Bonham Carter. She was really sweet! And destiny would have it that, at more or less the same time I was showing her how to use the Bind it all while she was admiring my mini albums (see post before this one), my parents and grandmother were watching "A Room with a View", in which she stars as the main character and one of my favorite romantic movies. And as a true celebrity spotter, I asked for her autograph, which is going to go some day in to a layout or mini album!

Now, back to non celebrity life, Wasabi really wanted to explore the hidden(non-existent) passage in the wall. I think I am in love with my cat!

1 comment:

Momiji said...

such a cute one of Wasabi!..have you done any albums just with this 'star'?

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