Sunday 6 January 2008

Second part

Although I have been many time near by, I had never had the chance to visit Chartres, bt this time was on our unmissable list of places to stop. After we left Mallorca on the ferry, we arrived to Barcelona at 19:45. We kept driving till Narbonne where we slept at the cheap but comfortable Etap (one step up from the Formula 1 extreme simplicity), the morning after we drove from Narbonne to Chartres, don't know how many miles, but more than a handful!

Chartres is synonym of his worlds heritage cathedral (above), for which to find words to describe it, it is quite difficult. Inside it is almost perfect, at least it is considered the best example of completed gothic cathedral. In the outside, well, I have to say that the uneven towrs on the front make to prefer other ones like Notre Dame in Paris or the one in Amiens.

The village is quite charming with a pretty river passing by, a couple of smaller Gothic churches and yummy chocolate shops, which we missed totally since it was a sunday and everything was closed at Chartres.

Beauvais, was our next stop in our mini Gothic-cathedral tour. This one is very, very important. Why, you may ask, this never finished and hardly balanced cathedral is important? precisely because it shows the architectural feats the other Gothic cathedrals, finished or almost finished. It just makes you appreciate the perfection of the others.

Last stop before taking the train through the tunnel, was Amiens. Another outstanding cathedral.
We arrived on a Sunday evening to home, exactly two weeks after we took off, over two thousand miles traveled by car (+train, +ferry). Wasabi was beyond excited to see us, so much so, that he followed us everywhere -yep, even to the toilet- and even slept for a couple of nights in our bed -something he never does. Now, he is completely back to his normal self, that is quite sweet but not as overly affectionate as the first days after we came back.

Remember all all of the above photos were taken with my mobile camera. Some exciting news coming soon on that front!

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Helen said...

LOL - our cats usually go on a killing spree and bring us lots of rodent "treats" when we've been on holiday!

I found your blog through Crafty Blogs - you're one above me today! Then I recognised your name from the SU website; I'm a new demonstrator too!

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