Thursday 22 January 2009

Guess where I went last night?

Well, it may not be something that exciting, but I did go to the Valkyrie UK premiere at Leicester square and yes I saw Tom Cruise, Bill Nighty, Eddie Izzard in real life! And we walked the red carpet and all, but my friend (the one who has "contacts") and I walked it really fast as you feel really out of place. My only disappointment was that Kenneth Brannagh was not there.
The movie is ok, I mean I had really low expectations and I did enjoy it.
Now, I need to get on with my work. Yesterday I got four large boxes of stuff to make samples and workshop ideas for Stitches. hopefully I will be able to post some photos soon, that is if the really slow internet connection that we have now allows me to do so.

1 comment:

Sam Currie said...

I bet you looked gorgeous too! What a thrill to see all those stars!! invite me next time tee hee!!!

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