Monday 2 February 2009


Just to make sure you know, it does snow in many parts of Spain every year. And not only in the mountains. However, ten inches of snow is not something you get used to growing up in Mallorca. So today I was static to wake up to this lovely sight. So I went for a stroll which unfortunately is not one of my habits.
The park at the end of the road was a sight to be seen. So white, so beautiful, so pure. And so silent. Except, of course, for the muffled and lovely sound of several groups of children playing in the distance enjoying their Monday off school.

But I suppose, that was to be expected. What I wasn't expecting at all was to meet with one of my neighbors actually skiing! This lovely chap went up the hill several times to ski down the hill. Then, he did ski up to the door of his house. How lovely and unexpected.


Damaris said...

What a beautiful sight!!!! No snow for us here in Miami, so your pictures bring me back many fond

Geraldo Maia said...

beautiful image of the snow.
A solitary person in the mid of the nature can find sometimes the human warm.
Regards from Brazil:

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