Tuesday 24 February 2009

When little things go wrong

You know the little things: heating, running water, electricity... and internet connection. Well, I have been having a few days of the little things going wrong. No big deal but when the little things start going a little bit wrong it is exhausting, at least for me.

Right now, the internet connection that I am using is a mobile broadband which is not the fastest more capable of all but has to do it until our new standard broadband provider gets hold of our MAC code (nothing to do with the fact that I use an Apple computer and all to do with Tiscali being absolutely crap and not supplying the mentioned Migration Code). I am hopeful but not naive, so I will have to keep my fingers crossed that the new provider will get it sorted some time soon, that is in the next couple of weeks.

This morning I woke up in a cold house that happens to be the same one that yesterday was warm and cozy. The reason? Simple some simple issue with the heater, nothing unusual but when it happened before, Omar was at hand to fix it and me, my usual self not interested too much in this sort of things, had no idea how to solve it. Let me tell you, it is not a nice way to start the day even though I had a lovely lay in bed. Anyway, I solved the problem after a few goes which is quite good for my self confidence in fixing house things.

Then I realized that the leak in the kitchen still is not fixed not a major one but still needs fixing. One of these days...

So for all the little things going wrong, I am afraid I am not in the mood to upload any images just in case of what may happen if I attempt to do so.

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