Tuesday 26 May 2009

Yes, It is me!

Omar took this photo of me on my birthday, Christmas 2008. It is one of my favoutrite photos of me, even though as many people mention, it doesn't look at all like me.
I did this layout in 8.5 x 11", which I should do more as it's so easy! That is a top tip that I learnt in my job as a graphic designer: rectangle areas are much easier to design than square.

Recently, I came across Theresa Mcfayden's blog. Actually, I knew the blog already, but forgot about it for a few months. It was nice to have a look again at some of the work of this talented lady, but more importantly, it had something that captured my attention: it was a list of things she wish she new when she started scrapbooking. It kind of reassured me that the current trend in scrapbooking is gearing towards focusing so much in photography. To be honest, I think it is great. I always felt that the photos should be the focal point of my pages as for me they are what makes the layout more valuable than say cards or other papercraft stuff.

So, is this trend going to make us to forget about paper techniques and design aspects?
What about do you think?


Momiji said...

I love more minimalist layouts and always think you get the balance just right. I like the geometric clean lines.
Busy,cluttered pages with lots of embellishments do not appeal and I love the trend back to more simple layouts.
this classic one of yours is great..

Nicki said...

What a stunning photo! lovely layout too!

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